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  1. APed

    Whats on the smoker today?

    St. Louis Style shelter-in-place ribs this weekend. Fed my family and the in-laws too. If you're looking for a simple, inexpensive, and effective smoker, check out the Pit Barrel Cooker. Just search for it. I can't recommend it enough. I like eating the BBQ more than fussing with a smoker...
  2. APed

    New Silver Sky: maple board, new colors, Nebula finish!

    I think the Nebula finish looks *amazing*. I really want a SH or HB guitar, and I've been trying to figure out what to pull the trigger on. A SS wasn't even on the radar...until I looked at this new finish. It's really something. Need to see it in person. Too bad I can't make it NAMM to...
  3. APed

    Retirement project

    That's a really cool way to spend your time. I've thought about doing the same if/when I get to retire.
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    Dont shoot the new guy!!

    Hi Jim, I'm also someone who started playing guitar after accumulating a little bit of gray hair. A few comments for you... 1. Recognize that everyone learns differently. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that's okay. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the...
  5. APed

    NGD: Paul Reed Smith CE24 Satin Cherry Burst

    That finish is hard to beat! One of the best looking guitars you'll find. Normally I like glossy finishes on guitar body, but on that instrument the satin is incredible.
  6. APed

    PRS 35

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what to expect for Exp2020. It looks like Saturday is the best day to attend, and I plan to get there first thing when they open. A few questions for you Exp veterans.... 1. I'll be coming in from Delaware on 301. Is traffic likely to be bad coming/going that...
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    Avert your eyes. Turn your children away. A monstrous crime has been committed...

    Power tools? Looks like he used a butter knife.
  8. APed

    Experience 2020 announced

    Veinbuster, thanks for the quick response! Sounds like it's well worth the drive over to check it out. I suppose the biggest risk is walking away with one of those beautiful guitars, which might make it an expensive side trip...truly one of life's big problems.
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    Experience 2020 announced

    I have some questions for "Experience" veterans out luck would have it, I'm going to be very nearby that week and would be able to visit the event for 2-3 hours one of the days. So my questions are... 1. How much are tickets? Are there different ticket levels for the exhibitions...
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    What would a Custom 23 sound like?

    I'll preface this by admitting that I'm no luthier, and what follows might be completely wrong, but....I thought the reason for 22 or fewer frets was that the neck pickup "wants" to be placed precisely where the 24th fret would sit, which is the resonant point for the 3rd harmonic when the open...
  11. APed

    Unexpected NGD!!!!!!!

    Cool story. I hope the benefit show was well attended and that your drummer friend is doing well and recovers.
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    Private Stock Friday

    One of those fingerboards has flame figure on it. Is it ebonized maple or figured ebony? It's a cool look.
  13. APed

    Black or Ivory? my eyes, the white is contrasty and draws your eyes away from the figured wood top. Black disappears into the top and lets the wood be the star.
  14. APed

    What is this SE?

    Wow, as good as the Trampas Green looks, the Blue Mateo just about made the cc jump right out of the wallet.
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    How often to polish and tune-up your guitar?

    I'm curious how often you re-string and give your guitar a good tune-up? Back in December I replaced the pickup rings on mine and took the opportunity to oil the fretboard, polish the body, clean the frets, and re-setup. I haven't re-strung since. For no reason in particular I'm thinking it...
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    NF pickup rings?

    I would contact Dave at fretsonthenet dot com. He made me some anodized aluminum NF pickup rings for my studio model, and he can work with wood as well. Great guy to work with.
  17. APed

    2011 Prs Studio 22

    I have one and love it. Mine doesn't have a trem, but it's a 2011 studio. I think the NF pickups sound deep and clean. I don't play with the middle pickup much but neck and bridge are balanced and they're all adjustable so just dial in what you like. Mine's not for sale. :-)
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    NGD - 30th Anniv. Private stock Custom 24 Royal Blue?

    Major credit to the OP for truly making the best of a bad situation. We would all do well to have such a positive attitude. But that said, the seller that posted the original photos of that guitar and showed it as blue ought to be ashamed. There's no justification for posting photos of that...
  19. APed

    Favorite flame top

    Reading the thread inspired me to pick this up and do a little playing. Thanks everybody!
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone on the board! Let's all do our part to make it a great one for our families and everyone around us.