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    2012 "Stripped" 58 Model Announcment

    I have to say I couldn't agree more on the headstock though, I would bite your arm off for this if it had the Santana/Ted headstock. Question for Shawn, would it be possible to order one of these with that headstock without the cost of a fullblown PS? Basically just have the exact same guitar...
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    When you're fav artists switch brands

    To be honest I couldn't care less about what that goon from Nickelback gets up to, really not my bag baby... I do remember reading a feature on them in a guitar mag years ago and thinking that the other guy in the band seemed ok though, as I recall he had guitars sent to him from Gibson with...
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    Anyone have a spare $150,000?

    On ebay with a BIN of $150,000...
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    Experience 2012 Model Rumors

    Carved top back routed Mira would be awesome... No fancy figured tops, just good old fashioned plain maple...
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    Tremonti SE

    I got a Tremonti SE about seven or eight years ago as a gift so I never played it before purchase. It's the white one with cream binding (I always thought this was a really strange colour combination, were they all that way?) and it has the LP control layout of 2Vol + 2Tone + 3-way toggle on...
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    Experience 2012 Model Rumors

    Definitely a production bass... Maybe even an SE Bass, no stupid EQ just a well crafted instrument with solid pickups... Some alternative shape like a Vee would be really cool or maybe even something along the lines of a solidbody Dweezil with a Floyd? Maybe a stripped back single...
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    Pickups - Get 'Em While They're Hot

    Why does this sort of thing happen... I could do with maybe two pairs of pickups right here... I have no money... Damn the world ( Thought I know where I can get a set of Dragon IIs for €160 which is ok by me, huzzah!)
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    New parts Available

    Actually I just posted above about availability of the new two-piece bridge but maybe the moderators could delete that and my question could be more conveniently answered here? Sorry for the hassle.
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    PRS Two-Piece Bridge

    So does anyone have a Stripped '58 with two-piece bridge? How does it compare against the regular wraparound and where might you be able to but the two-piece bridge/ tailpiece assembly?
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Dave Baksh (Though he's not really playing PRS as much these days from what I can gather)
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    Photos Of Your Favorite PRS Artists + Guitars Live!

    The reason I got into playing guitar and PRS, I'm actually friends with him on fbook now. Really nice guy!
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    The "Name" Thread

    Most of my friends do call me Rik :)
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    For all swedes here :)

    Have to say Yngwie's music doesn't really do it for me so much but he is a phenomenal guitarist and puts on a hell of a good show, I couldn't recommend his live show enough to anyone who hasn't had the joy of seeing it in person!
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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    Oh all right then ;) It is starting to build a nice patina, I actually really like it looking like it gets played. It really did need a clean though, I'm ashamed of what came off the fingerboard and from under the bridge :/ Pics will be up as soon as I get a camera to hand though.
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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    God I'm so indecisive, I've been looking at the Santana SE (new model)... It ticks all of the boxes for me: Santana bodyshape 22 fret neck HH pickups Better control layout than the actual USA Santana Trem bridge (Not that I use it but I actually prefer a blocked trem to the standard...
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    The "Name" Thread

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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    Actually I feel really disappointed now as I've just given it a really good clean and it doesn't look so bad... Testament to PRS finish quality!!! It has some decent chips and scratches coming along though!! I'll get some pictures up asap though! Have to say I still prefer the Santana shape...
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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    No I get that obviously but to be honest the Carvin DC is hardly an SG, it's the exact same guitar as their SC shape model but with an extra cut, should be a fairly hefty body, I've read them compared to Les Pauls in weight so there's no way that's all in the headstock ;) Just specced up on...
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    Please talk me out of what I think is a crazy idea...

    I'll probably be in trouble for posting this here but I'm loving the Ferrari Red DC4... No Floyd Rose for me thanks but otherwise yes please!