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  1. gearhead

    The Song Title Game

    Soul Shine Gov't Mule
  2. gearhead

    PTC Project- '86 Swirl

    I haven't checked in here in a while.....what an amazing job!!
  3. gearhead

    I'm GAS-less for the moment - anybody else?

    In the last 2 weeks I got a Marshall JCM900 and a Les Paul Standard Traditional Plus. I traded a Les Paul Special for the Marshall and sold a Roccaforte Custom 18 combo for the LP Standard. Now I finally have my LP and Marshall.....I'm good!
  4. gearhead

    How do you get your lead boost?

    Depending on which pedal board I'm using, its either a Fuchs Plush Pure Gain or an Xotic EP Booster. Depending on the amp, I'm running the EP Booster all the time and using the Pure Gain as a lead boost.
  5. gearhead

    When you fell in Love...

    What an awesome story!!!!!! That made me smile out loud, thank you for sharing. :-) What an inspiration. And, BTW, Hotel California has a pretty special place in my musical history too......not quite as drastic as yours, but that record means a lot to me also.
  6. gearhead

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    Got a couple of these in the fridge right now. Great beer!
  7. gearhead

    When you fell in Love...

    In about '72/'73, when I was about 3 or so, our Dad bought a "Best of the '50s" 8 track tape and played it non-stop. I very distinctly remember how the solo on Buddy Knox's "Party Doll" made me feel. I knew it was the guitar, and even tho I know nothing about them, I knew I wanted to play one...
  8. gearhead

    What is Goldtop listening to?

    :-) Point of Entry is my favorite Priest. Not a stinker on the whole record. "Heading Out to the Highway", "Turning Circles", & "Don't Go" are faves.....
  9. gearhead

    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Lately: Love Battery: Between the Eyes Screaming Trees: Uncle Anesthesia Eddie Vedder: Soundtrack for Into the Wild Hater: 2nd David Grissom: all three solo records + Joe Ely's Live At Liberty Lunch Judas Priest: Point of Entry Gov't Mule: Deepest End and Life Before Insanity...
  10. gearhead

    The Photo Booth

    My Roccaforte Custom 18 combo in red sparkle: My 60s reissue Strat and Prosonic Looking out of the drivers seat down the track. The car is my Dad's '64 Pontiac Tempest. Its got a 468 Pontiac and Turbo 400 trans. It'll go 11.80s all day long on DOT tires and mufflers...
  11. gearhead

    One PRS and one non-PRS desert isle guitars

    PRS would be my McCarty and non-PRS would be either my 60's reissue Strat or my Muddy Waters sig Tele, I'd be good with either.
  12. gearhead

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    In no particular order: Stella Artois Blue Moon Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Red Hook Wit Stevens Point Belgian White Stevens Point Horizon Wheat Marshall Sundown Wheat - this is a local Tulsa beer that is excellent
  13. gearhead

    PRS guitars that you own and what do you want

    I got my first PRS a couple of weeks ago, a McCarty. I'd love to get a DGT sometime, but for now, the McCarty is working great for me.
  14. gearhead

    Show us your PRS!

    Holy moly........... :shock: :shock: Beautiful!!!
  15. gearhead

    Show us your PRS!

    '07 McCarty
  16. gearhead

    SE Amps - Impressions?

    I've played the SE30 a couple of times and really liked it. The clean channel is really nice and the gain channel will get some pretty heavy tones. The gain channel did have a little fizziness to it, but I think that breaking the speaker in would take care of that. If I were amp shopping, it...
  17. gearhead

    What's your favorite instrument cable?

    I've been using Pro Cables N Sound ( for a couple of years now and am very happy with them. Also use a few Lava cables, great stuff, and Mark is a great guy. I haven't seen or heard of PRS cables, but I will have to hunt one down and give it a try. Thanks...
  18. gearhead


    Hey all, I was a newbie over at the Vintage Rocker forum and figured I'd come on over here. I recently got my first PRS, a 2007 McCarty in Darkburst......and I LOVE it! Here are a few pics: