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    DGT neck vs Pattern Regular

    How do the shoulders on the DGT compare to the shoulders on the Pattern neck?
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    Beautiful. So beautiful.
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    John Mayer “Honey” McCarty

    I know this is off-topic from your question, but I think part of the tonality comes from the maple neck in JM's 594. His pickups are also wound differently; no details available. In the hours and hours of DeadCo videos I've watched, JM seems to be glued to the middle pickup. Whether it's...
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    My stunning Paul's Guitar

    You're completely right. I would have put "Miraculously stunning top" if I owned this guitar, so you were actually quite reserved IMO.
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    Private Stock 513 - thoughts?

    I recently asked whether the original 513 neck shape is available via a Private Stock order. If you have one of the Brazilian 513, I'm guessing that you have that original neck carve (narrow and deep). I was told that PRS no longer provides this, so your neck carve options would be limited to...
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    Does anyone have a pattern regular 408?

    I've spoken with sales people at guitar shops who are confused. Sales rep, "The Modern Eagle V has the PRS regular Pattern neck!" Me, "No, actually, that's a Pattern neck." Sales rep, "Right, it's the regular Pattern neck that you see on most of their guitars." Me, "No, this neck is actually...
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    My stunning Paul's Guitar

    You see a title like this and you raise an eyebrow. "Oh really? Stunning?" Then I opened the thread saw the picture and said, "Yeah, he's right. That is a STUNNING guitar." Enjoy!
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    Does anyone have a pattern regular 408?

    PRS guitars HAVE to be amazingly good because their product marketing is rather weak. The naming convention for their neck options is a great example.
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    History of 513 neck carves?

    btw, pretty funny: Established 1960, Still Not Dead
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    History of 513 neck carves?

    My understanding was that the Pattern neck evolved from the Wide Fat profile. I have a PRS from 2003 with a Wide Fat neck and it feels virtually identical to the current Pattern neck carve. You're saying that the Pattern neck carve came from original 513? Sorry if I'm misreading you, and...
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    History of 513 neck carves?

    I own one of the original 513s, built back in 2006 when the neck was made of Brazilian rosewood. I think the neck carve on the 513 has been changed at least twice, and I'm wondering if anyone knows the key years and the associated neck carves. I love the 2006 carve: narrow fretboard and deep...
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    Sound difference between stoptail, and trem bridge?

    Agree completely. MUCH more 'give' in the strings with a trem bridge. Les, if you'd like to set up a Zoom call with your wife, we're ready to jump in to close the deal.
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    Paul Interview

    I have found that one true test of a person's character is how they treat their social inferiors.
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    Silver Sky string 'plunk'

    You're saying the action is too low? That would be an easy one to adjust!
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    Silver Sky string 'plunk'

    I'm with you. It's like some phantom noise in your car that only you can hear but once you've noticed it, it's the ONLY thing you hear. :) I returned the SS to my friend, so I can't make a recording.
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    Silver Sky string 'plunk'

    A friend loaned me his Silver Sky for a week. Amazing guitar. Love it. But I noticed something odd. In the upper registers of the G-B-E stings, I became aware that the 'plunk' sound of the guitar pick hitting the string is especially pronounced and interferes with the clear, singing quality...
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    NGD: 513 Rosewood and the tale of 3 'Bursts'

    I'm curious about your experience owning 3 guitars of the same model. Do each of them get the same amount of play-time? Aside from tuning differences, do they sound 100% identical to each other or are their subtle differences?
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    Do you own both a mahogany AND a maple neck 594?

    If you own both a mahogany and a maple-necked 594, how differently do they sound? Are the differences subtle or pronounced? What do you like most about each? Thanks for the info!
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    Great insights. Thanks for taking the time.
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    I've always been intrigued by the DGT but I've never come across one in local stores. YouTube is the logical next-step, but for obvious reasons, DG himself does all the demos and I've never been a big fan of his saturated tone. I know he has plenty of ardent fans, so I apologize for my...