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  1. j.a.

    Can anyone help with nut and locking tuner recommendations on my new SE Zach Myers

    I put Graphtech Ratio Vintage PRN-4424-N0 on my ZM. They are not locking but they are like Fender vintage, very stable and easy to tune as every string has a different ratio. I had to do a bit of drilling but they work great.
  2. j.a.

    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    Many thanks for theses tests! I’m happy you covered the noise as that’s the point I was wondering the most. I have a Xotic SP compressor that increase the hum in single coils bothering me a lot, yes, it’s a nice compressor but quite noisy imho. So I was thinking in trying Mary Cries but it’s...
  3. j.a.

    Private Stock Friday

    I thought I had seen beautiful and amazing guitars here, but this is another level! Congrats! This is a dream made true, enjoy it!
  4. j.a.

    Fine'............. I'm done....

    Looks great!
  5. j.a.

    What great players use PRS hollowbodies

    Not me for sure ;)
  6. j.a.

    McCarty 594 VS "Regular" McCarty " VS DGT

    Sorry for my ignorance, but aren’t all McCarty’s 594? In my case, not big fan of whammy bars although I tried a DGT SE that sounded amazing
  7. j.a.

    Why the 594?

    By the way, looking at your beautiful avatar, I should have done one like that but actually I used my Eastman guitars instead.
  8. j.a.

    Why the 594?

    Sorry, but not exactly: 24.594 in x 25.4 = 624.6876 mm 650mm / 25.4 = 25.5905511811 in
  9. j.a.

    Could this be the first music video to feature a PRS?

    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing it :)
  10. j.a.

    Locking Tuners for PRS McCarty 594 SE

    Sold out again…
  11. j.a.

    SE 594 tuners can't stay in tune

    It looks your guitar has the same crappy tuners than my Zach Myers. I still can’t be why PRS use such a bad piece of hardware. I replaced them with Graph Tech Ratio PRN-4424-N0 vintage tuners that are great, however I had to do a bit of drilling as the holes are like 1-2mm more separated. After...
  12. j.a.

    Sold my '02 CU22 and bought a '95 CE22F. What does "F" stand for?

    Gorgeus guitar! Most manufacturers use the F for Flame top which yours has.
  13. j.a.

    Locking Tuners for PRS McCarty 594 SE

    i installed Graphtech Ratio vintage tuners (PRN-4424-N0) on my Zach Myers that had the worst tuners ever. Although they are not locking, they are Fender style with the hole in the middle of the shaft. They are very good and strings replacement is quick. However, I had to drill as the screws are...
  14. j.a.

    Played an S2 594 today, and...

    If I tried a SE and fell in love, I can’t imagine how it would be with a S2 or a Core, sadly, I haven’t seen one of those in my city as only a few come and are sold in minutes
  15. j.a.

    Private Stock Friday

    No worries! It’s Friday in Australia! So many beauties in there!
  16. j.a.

    Direct replacement locking tuners for Custom 24 SE? (thumbwheel)

    Indeed! I got mad because I couldn’t use them in my Zach Myer SE which had the worst tuners ever. I got Graph Tech Ratio vintage for that guitar But I needed to drill a bit as the holes didn’t match completely. By the way, to the OP, Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners might fit in your guitar...
  17. j.a.

    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    A singlecut with P90s for me, please :cool:
  18. j.a.

    Direct replacement locking tuners for Custom 24 SE? (thumbwheel)

    PRS SE Locking tuners are excellent. A screwdriver is needed when replacing the old tuners. When changing strings, fingers are enough to tighten the tuners or perhaps a you can use coin (I have never used one). They are installed in my Starla (avatar).
  19. j.a.

    Zach Myers joins 594 Party

    I did not :eek: But I will! Thanks for the tip!
  20. j.a.

    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    It will be open until PRS releases new P90 guitars!