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  1. Brian Baker

    winged tuners

    Winged tuners WERE the Cat's Meow. Easier than any predecessor, look cool, work great. Then Phase Two proved there was yet a quicker, easier, just as good device. Neither is a deal breaker or maker; they both work so much better than anything sold by Fender or Gibson. But for just pure cool...
  2. Brian Baker

    Close to moving from Boston to San Diego!

    I moved from Virginia to San Diego in August 1980; have not moved back East yet, but I did migrate to LA in 1983. Neither is remotely like the east coast: weather, culture, housing, economy. San Diego County is huge, there are dozens of communities. Coastal, inland, north and south. Spend some...
  3. Brian Baker

    A Full Understanding of Private Stock vs others?

    PS guitars are speced/ordered one at a time. They are typically a variation on core themes; some more than others. Each guitar is considered unique, and includes a COA and PRSh tatoo. PRS acoustics (Tonare and Angelus) were, for a time, a production run. IIRC, there were signiture models too...
  4. Brian Baker

    Wearing shorts on stage: rock and roll, or no?

    Your call, and you will not be wrong.
  5. Brian Baker

    WINNING ticket for John Mann's Children's Charity is

    Congrats to Ryan, but more importantly, thank's to John for taking the time to help others.
  6. Brian Baker

    Thought Experiment - Write Like You Speak.

    Yo Les, you have several issues teed-up at the same time. From my perspective, few people express themselves concisely or precisely, in writing or speech. Including lawyers. Archaic legalese (e.g. "party of the first part", "party of the second part", etc.) harkens to the days that lawyers...
  7. Brian Baker

    So, which of you are headed to Baltimore and Stevensville this weekend?

    Not this time...I'm in suit mode at the moment.
  8. Brian Baker

    Stylin' at the Indy 500

    I drove the Indy track as a passenger in a small tour van about 20 years ago. Very cool from that perspective. Empty stands. Stood on the brick finish line.
  9. Brian Baker

    Happy Birthday Queen City Guitars

    Have a great b-day.
  10. Brian Baker

    30th Anniversary ROLL CALL!

    Que pasa? What/when/etc.?
  11. Brian Baker

    Was this a good investment?

    Yes. The price was right.
  12. Brian Baker

    PRS core line acoustics discontinued?

    Disappointing, but not a surprise. My Tonare is magic, the best among many otherwise great acoustics. But $4K is a price point that stunts the market. Great product. Suck economy.
  13. Brian Baker

    Brazilian rosewood fretboard?

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, and maybe even if I'm right, but: The fascination with BRW is basically nostalgia. Acoustic guitar luthiers after the turn of the century were using rosewood for separate fretboards, and the primary wood source was Brazil. Move forward a couple...
  14. Brian Baker

    How Many Of You...

    I played my DIII at several gigs until the volume knob fell off.
  15. Brian Baker

    Brazilian rosewood fretboard?

    Yes. But only because someone said it was BRW. I do not think ANYONE can determine the origin of rosewood visually. Or hear the origin of wood.
  16. Brian Baker

    PRS Cover Story

    Not just magazines. Buy a book or three too, and enjoy!
  17. Brian Baker

    Hans' Winter NAMM 2015 Blog

    Excellent evening. Great to see everyone.
  18. Brian Baker

    PRS Guitars Taking Over PG's Facebook Page December 17th

    video is "private".
  19. Brian Baker

    PRS advice needed...

    From my perspective, the model is generally not the point. Another CU24 may/will not be identical to the specific guitar that was appropriated by your Better Half. This is best demonstrated by the "go to" concept. Many/most people on this board have several guitars; but there is one that they...