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  1. P.Lo

    Hotel Blocks 4 Experience PRS?

    :cool: Hurted so good!
  2. P.Lo

    Is that your Blue MD on Reverb?

    Is that your Blue MD on Reverb?
  3. P.Lo

    Santana Hollowbody?

    How does it play???? Tone report!!!!!
  4. P.Lo

    NGD: Santana I

    I LOVE Santana's!!!!!! And that one right there ROCKS!!!!!! SWEET!!!!! My current Santana family: Santana I, Golden Eagle, West Street Ltd, DC22...... LOVE THEM ALL!!!
  5. P.Lo

    Santana MD - own or played or review? is it Multi-Dimensional?

    I'm not a Doctor........but I really want one of these bad!!!!!!
  6. P.Lo

    Show us your blue guitars!

  7. P.Lo

    Is it me, or should this seriously be my first Santana?

    Do it now please!!!!! Before I get weak and succumb!!!!
  8. P.Lo

    Show us your blue guitars!

    This Santana is sooooooo BADASS!!!!!!
  9. P.Lo


    It was a very special weekend! ;)
  10. P.Lo


    I should have known that! duh
  11. P.Lo


    My baby! But something has bothered me for a long time........ What does "DC" stand for????
  12. P.Lo

    Experience PRS & 30th Anniversary Message from Paul

    I see you have no eroding of memory with the passing of time my friend!! ;) Could have been maybe 2 shots! :)
  13. P.Lo

    Experience PRS & 30th Anniversary Message from Paul

    The earlier EXP's were the best! Like Hans was a PARTY with clinics being held all day long, and great Concerts (Santana & Buddy Guy) to enjoy at night. In fact......not a lot of selling was going on,,,,,especially after the Japanese dealers went thru the holding area.......but it...
  14. P.Lo

    NFL Playoffs

    Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. P.Lo

    What are the one or two you would like back ... ?

    good man. Very missed. Bill back in the day! [/URL][IMG/]
  16. P.Lo

    What don't you like about PRS guitars?

    You should look into Cave Creek Guitars just north of ya......great store ran by an awesome man! IMHO
  17. P.Lo

    Alex Lifeson Signature ACOUSTIC

    I figure it will be expensive, But as a longtime Lifeson fan that was sorely disgusted and disappointed with the quality and craftsmanship of the two Gibson Lifeson Signatures models, this is very welcomed news that PRS will be making them. I bought both of the Gibson models and ended up selling...
  18. P.Lo

    Hans' Winter NAMM 2014 Blog

    Safe travels Hans......good photo recap you did here. BUT!!!!!! All that time at NAMM, all those pictures posted by you and the gang here, VR and on FB, and not ONE pic of the Dean Girls????? You boys aren't getting that old are ya??? ;)
  19. P.Lo

    Alex Lifeson Signature ACOUSTIC

    Awwwwwwwwww jeeeeeez.........say it ain't so! I really needed a new driveway this year!!!!! 22 days into the New Year and the Budget is all shot to hell!