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  1. Birdsofprey

    Locking Saddles

    ^ Never seen these but op you may be able to remove that logo. Not quite suhr (see what I did there) how they’re manufactured but could be machining or ink that can be taken off. Just a thought. The more I look at them the more I think OOO steel wool will take that logo off.
  2. Birdsofprey

    Locking Saddles

    Easy answer, contact PRS they’ll let ya know.
  3. Birdsofprey

    OK, Stuff About Cables Yet Again - With Video.

    This is a great thread my only caution is if you can’t hear the science then all the tone, mods, woods, picks, pickups, amp modelers, set-ups, country of origin etc etc only becomes points to banter about but none the same i get the passion of our craft.
  4. Birdsofprey

    NuGD 1996 CE 24 Stoptail

    I couldn’t hit like enough, killer score!
  5. Birdsofprey

    Where has DTR been hiding?

    I heard from a friend there working covertly on the SE Doubleneck. Finally I get to get one.
  6. Birdsofprey

    Bad Lyrics

    Beats Peter Griffin singing Bird is the Word all episode!
  7. Birdsofprey

    Dang Velas...

    For you Vela aficionado‘s here is the weight of a solid body Vela basically the same as say an S2 Mira? Asking for a friend……
  8. Birdsofprey

    SE Silver Sky Not Sustaining Right

    ^ Yeah I jumped the gun on the nut. (Seems like that’s the answer 9/10 times lol). But agree if the item you changed, changed the guitar to the bad change it back. I do like a little float on an SSS style guitar. Cheers
  9. Birdsofprey

    Looks, sound or playability.....

    Great thread topic op! Playability first for me followed by sound both can be tweaked and worked on if to no avail then it’s time to move that piece on.
  10. Birdsofprey

    SE Silver Sky Not Sustaining Right

    The problem is with the nut, not a major issue any competent luthier can fix/replace it. Just a question did you change string gauge when you changed the strings?
  11. Birdsofprey

    1986 PRS colors

    Most certainly, I used to have a pearl white 86 Standard 24 w/birds serial 0242 ugh to have that guitar now.
  12. Birdsofprey

    from yuck to amazing

    Before you give that a go, try the brass studs. There extremely cheap so even if you don’t notice a difference (and you will) that may be all you wish to do. Not that the TonePros is a bad choice either. Cheers
  13. Birdsofprey

    from yuck to amazing

    For more cheap (cost effective?) fun try some PRS brass tailpiece studs.
  14. Birdsofprey

    PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

    I propose term limits for threads. I know I’m the problem as I just bumped this thread dam it lol.
  15. Birdsofprey

    A sofa full of PRS's. Choose your favourite one

    Singlecut term with a white back only answer.
  16. Birdsofprey

    Having a difficult time finding the correct saddles for a SE 24 Standard

    The easiest thing to do would be to contact John Mann, there is a telephone number or I believe email link on his site. This way there’s no confusion about what you’re ordering.
  17. Birdsofprey

    What did I do wrong (Mannmade bridge)?

    Easy fix, cont John!
  18. Birdsofprey

    Silver Sky Maple Frost

    Now I see it! Awesome btw. Congrats and there really isn’t any aliens lol.
  19. Birdsofprey

    Posts Keep Disappearing

    It’s the aliens from that Miami mall, it’s true I saw it on TikTok.
  20. Birdsofprey

    PRS Finish Clouding/ Hazing/ Ghosting. My experiences and thoughts

    ^ Couldn’t agree with you more. No manufacture is perfect sometimes you get a batch that has issues and I believe this was the case.