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  1. butterfly

    DGT Pickups

    IMO it's time for PRS to sell DGT pickups in the store. Years ago I had a circa 1999 McCarty that I put DGT pickups in-and it was fantastic. I don't remember why I sold/traded that guitar but it is one of two (the other being my charcoal original Modern Eagle) that I regret getting of. I have...
  2. butterfly

    Modern eagle 1 single or two cuts?

    I would go DC, as that was the "original" ME. BTW, of all the PRSi I have cycled through since the mid-late 90s, my charcoal ME1 is the one that I am sad I let go. I don't even remember what I was thinking. Maybe it was the RP pickups (which is odd as I changed pickups in almost all of my...
  3. butterfly

    96 McCarty is coming my way. Any upgrades suggested?

    I had a beat to s McCarty from that era that I eventually put DGT pickups in. For some insane reason I sold the guitar (I don't even remember why...probably chasing the next new thing :rolleyes: That was one of the two* PRSi I wish I had back. It was really when I think about it, the perfect...
  4. butterfly

    2018 PRS Experience

    Will totally buy a black (or GT) :) SC 594... ...going to hop in the car for the drive in about 90 or so minutes. Yay!
  5. butterfly

    N5D - Bella is home!!!!

    Drool...beautiful. Classic. Rock it.
  6. butterfly

    The Official "Singlecut 594" Love Thread!!

    Great video Utkarsh! PRS has come a long way since the original SC. (I own an OG SC, which is a blaster, but does not sound like a Les Paul.) The 594 is there. Add in the fact that the PRS has world class design, ergonomics and parts, the 594 is a winner:)
  7. butterfly

    Does This Guitar Exist?

    Les- Yes!! I knew I saw one at one point. Excellent guitar. Dreamy vibe Great look Killer PRS
  8. butterfly

    Does This Guitar Exist?

    Thanks guys...what I thought... I already own one MA Pete guitar :) If one in my spec hits the market, I'll be very tempted.
  9. butterfly

    Does This Guitar Exist?

    Guys- I didn't think the PRS vintage tuners could be replaced? The headstock is thinner and won't take locking tuners? Or is that Klusons will fit?--Tosca- you mention the Kluson's "are ok"....does that mean you are not happy with the fit, look or performance? Thanks for the replies! I've...
  10. butterfly

    Does This Guitar Exist?

    Outside of PS? I think i recall seeing some dealer spec PS or runs a while back, and was hoping if the collective memory of the Forum might recall. Single cut Short scale, preferably 24.5 Mahogany & Maple Here's the tough combo: Santana head stock Locking tuners Throw in a pattern or...
  11. butterfly

    NGD: Video jamming on my new PRS DGT

    Great jamming. I love DGT pickups!! I think Fillmore East:)
  12. butterfly

    NGD . . . PRS McCarty 594 SC, 10 Top

    Love that. I own a stripped 58 in that color and it's just classic to my eye.
  13. butterfly

    Concerts you can brag about.

    Like a lot of you, I've been going to concerts, big and small, since the mid-70s so I've seen all the rock there was to see pretty much. Am proud to say I saw Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra. I had tickets to see Elvis in September of the year he died. But the craziest/scariest most out of...
  14. butterfly

    There Should Be A David St. Hubbins Stonehenge Model...

    The DVD Bonus Material is as funny as the movie itself. The best.
  15. butterfly

    NDG: 1991 Goldtop custom

    Agree--either way, awesome!!
  16. butterfly

    PRS Collection

    Those CE 24s are rock blasters. Sweet collection!
  17. butterfly

    The Official "Singlecut 594" Love Thread!!

    Love this model--as I do all things PRS singlecut. My "go to guys" are my Artist Relations 1st Gen SC in platinum (with Bareknuckle Rebel Yells) and a Stripped 58 with 59/09s. Much mojo in each. Interesting observations re: the headstock Pete. Like you, I love the Santana, but I have yet...