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  1. Veetwin

    Is there/Will there ever be a 24 Fret SAS?

    The new SAS is perfect the way it is.
  2. Veetwin

    Amber pick up rings?

    Nothing should be Amber - lol
  3. Veetwin

    My Second PRS Guitar should be?

    The very hard to get Iri Blue SAS
  4. Veetwin

    Longing for a SE CE 24; Any positive developments about the QC of the SE line?

    There were no sales in Australia. We pay full price. You cannot get an Iri Blue SAS for love nor money. Back order only. I got the first one in Brisbane. Lucky me.
  5. Veetwin

    Longing for a SE CE 24; Any positive developments about the QC of the SE line?

    Problems considering the volume sold is not an issue, The SE line up is the mainstay of the PRS business model. They sell many, many times more SE guitars than any others. My Swamp Ash special is quite literally as close to perfect as it could be. ( meaning it is ) I did sand the neck with...
  6. Veetwin

    Sticky 3-way toggle on SE Paul's Guitar & SE Santana

    Try a little electrical contact spray or similar and use them. Mine came good.
  7. Veetwin

    Favorite Guitar Color?

    Iri Blue
  8. Veetwin

    Real PRS Guitars

  9. Veetwin

    New tuning buttons

    Of course it is not.
  10. Veetwin

    Schaller locking tuners

    Agreed, don't put yourself through stress
  11. Veetwin

    New tuning buttons

    You are very naughty
  12. Veetwin

    New tuning buttons

    Unusual move, I would have thought long and hard about this one. Any suggestion that the guitars look or feel like a Gibson repels my thoughts. It really seems like a head of a company pushing his own agenda based on an outdated idea. I wonder what the marketing guys "really" think about this. A...
  13. Veetwin

    Andertons at PRS Factory

    Anderton comes across as a person with a lot to learn about guitars. Of course this is not the case, not sure why he did that. Thank goodness we don't have to put up with Rob anymore. The reason I stopped watching and will never, ever, ever buy one of "their" guitars, Lee showed his business...
  14. Veetwin

    SE versus standard PRS

    The 24 - 08 pickups are TCI. The experts on here will know the answer to your question.
  15. Veetwin

    PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

    Great post, I like your considered post.
  16. Veetwin

    Frets with tooling marks... Normal?

    There were no sales in Australia. My Iri Blue SAS was $1,419 and you cannot get them. All sold and on back order. All the YouTube presenters seem to like them alot. I was in the store the morning they arrived and took the first one home. ( I had previously paid a deposit to stop anyone else...
  17. Veetwin

    SE Paul's Guitar - What's the opinion?

    My final thoughts, if you like the neck profile, get one, that is a no brainer. Great guitars.
  18. Veetwin

    SE 'Paul's Guitar' - How good are they?

    Yes heard that before and also they are wired and split differently. They don't make it very clear, do they.