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  1. GarrettIvo


    That is one to covet. Really really really nice.
  2. GarrettIvo

    SE so why an S2?

    I have tried a couple of very nice SE 594s at my local, and while they looked and sounded good, they were all considerably heavier than my S2 594. The SE DGT was a little better weight wise.
  3. GarrettIvo

    I have a gift card at GC....what PRS can you or used!!

    This or a SE DGT if it was my money.
  4. GarrettIvo

    Epi ES335 Pro($250)vs SE Hollowbody II

    Sound decision at that price. Practically a no-brainer. And it doesn't stop you getting the HBII later on if you still like.
  5. GarrettIvo

    I have the BEST wife in the world!

    That GREEN will really pop once you put some nickel covered pickups in there.
  6. GarrettIvo

    The Itch To Switch

    More importantly... why?
  7. GarrettIvo

    NGD - Wood Library DGT

    I don't really go for stained necks, but there's no denying the rest of that DGT is spectacular.
  8. GarrettIvo

    58/15 s pickups

    I quite like the 58/15s in my S2 594. I would only change them if for a set of core 58/15LT which I would never be able to get my hands on anyway. As an aside the AS73 is a great souding guitar, so those pickups would probably work well in a lot of other scenarios.
  9. GarrettIvo

    First notes on my SE DGT

    If it's groove you were looking for, I think you found it.
  10. GarrettIvo

    509 or 594 HBII?

    I think, by not actually buying the 509 at the time, you've already subconsciously made your decision. Your brain is just catching up. But it will soon enough. . . . . Congrats on the new HB594 by the way.
  11. GarrettIvo

    509 or 594 HBII?

    I voted 594. My reasoning is simple. How could you possibly look at that guitar, be in a position to buy that guitar, and NOT buy that guitar. It just wouldn't make sense.
  12. GarrettIvo

    NGD - B*tch-slapped By The Universe

    Better the universe slaps you than the wife does for going against your promise. That is a fine instrument and you were right to buy it.
  13. GarrettIvo

    NGD! Finally.

    A fine choice sir. Well done to you.
  14. GarrettIvo

    NGD - SC594 Soapbar & new family picture

    Holy **** that is a hell of a collection.
  15. GarrettIvo

    Should i sell my s2 and SE miras for a pair of S2 594??

    Agreed. The S2 594 is a beast indeed. Although a thinline with P90s would also be neat.
  16. GarrettIvo

    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

  17. GarrettIvo

    NGD S2 Studio

    That is super nice.
  18. GarrettIvo

    New S2 McCarty 594 pickup questions

    Not at all typical. I have the same guitar and that is definitely not part of experience. More learned minds might have more insight.
  19. GarrettIvo

    The 594 McCarty

    Ooh that's a nicer piece of wood than mine. Not that I'm jealous or anything.
  20. GarrettIvo

    Where to buy a replacement cream pickup switch tip for my S2 594?

    Switch tip matches the knobs though. So you'll need to change those as well. I like the black / cream contrast personally.