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  1. Daniel Elam

    Silver Sky SE Quality Issues

    I didn’t think you were snarky at all. You just came to the wrong place to say anything critical about PRS. You’re right about PRS placing very high expectations on their import guitars. They go on and on about the quality. My experience is that I’ve never played an SE that made me even consider...
  2. Daniel Elam

    Ever notice PRS hate on other forums??

    I haven’t liked most PRS that I’ve either played in a shop or bought online, mostly SE, S2, and CE models, but I still want to find a core model that I like. I love my Silver Sky and Fiore though.
  3. Daniel Elam


    You’re braver than me! I put strap locks on mine (like I do on all my guitars) because PRS strap buttons suck
  4. Daniel Elam

    Prs fiore pickups question

    I would give yourself some more time with the stock pickups. I wound up lowering mine the tiniest bit lower than PRS specs and then left it alone and just played it for a while. I’ve had mine for 14 months now really like it. I wasn’t sure about the pickups at first either but that has...
  5. Daniel Elam

    Anyone discover PRS through the superstrat world???

    When I was looking for my HSS, I looked at Suhr, Xotic, and some others. Found Suhr to be on the heavier side and didn’t love the SS frets for whatever reason. I didn’t love the Xotic T-Style I had owned for a few months but traded away. I already had a Silver Sky that I really liked and when...
  6. Daniel Elam

    Played a Fiore today

    I have zero issues with the bridge on mine. I like it. You’re right about the neck though.
  7. Daniel Elam

    Anybody PLEK’D your Silver Sky?

    Long story short…my dad bought a 2019 SS, didn’t feel like it would set up well enough, leveled the frets himself, then gave me the guitar. I still have some fret buzz issues even though I set the guitar up with higher action than I would prefer. Anyone had good results with having your SS PLEK’D?
  8. Daniel Elam

    PRS Guitar cases on sale and accessories for July 4th sale. Just got my Silver Sky hard case

    Case 16.4 Guitar 7.5 Strap/trem bar/chrome/slide/strings/ capo/tools/picks 1 = 24.9 My bad, definitely not 25 lbs.
  9. Daniel Elam

    PRS Guitar cases on sale and accessories for July 4th sale. Just got my Silver Sky hard case

    I bought the case a couple years ago, used it a few times, sold it. It’s nice but it weighed 2x more than my guitar. I’d rather carry a slick 8lbs than a clumsy 25lbs.
  10. Daniel Elam

    SIlver Sky output too high on a pedal and causes distort?

    Isn’t that the point of the Blues Driver?
  11. Daniel Elam

    NGD, but how can I best balance usability with fade-protection? Any creative solutions?

    This! PRS strap buttons are stupid. If you adjust the collar right, the trem arm just pops in and out. I would just hang it on the wall with the rest of my guitars.
  12. Daniel Elam

    NGD: A Fiore!

    I’ve been really impressed with the Fiore. Got mine in October last year, really liked it, then I went through a brief period where I thought I wasn’t as happy with it but that feeling passed and I grab it all the time now. It’s just such a great player. I converted every guitar I have to PRS...
  13. Daniel Elam

    Silver sky inlays

    They’re made from John’s fingernail clippings. I’m assuming the SE model gets the toenails.
  14. Daniel Elam

    John Mayer SE

    Sounds about right.
  15. Daniel Elam

    John Mayer SE

    The roasted pine Pro II my dad bought and sold in a weeks time was a complete turd.
  16. Daniel Elam

    NGD! Didn't want to do it like this...

    I got my 2019 used with .09s on it. Everything was out of spec. Even pickup height. I set it up with.10s to PRS spec and it’s perfect for me. But I have zero tuning issues with it. Does the bridge plate kick up towards the front? If not, it should. Only the back of the plate should be touching...
  17. Daniel Elam

    Silver Sky

    Of the 3 PRS I’ve owned, the Silver Sky is the only one I’m far.
  18. Daniel Elam

    The sacrificial CE24

    Wasn’t loving my CE24 anymore so I turned it for a pile of gear and cash today. Wound up getting a Strymon BlueSky, a Zildjian A Custom 20” medium ride, a 14” Zildjian China Trash, Tama Road Pro cymbal stand plus enough cash to buy a $2300 Marimba that someone was letting go for $500 (mint) and...
  19. Daniel Elam

    New very old house. New music room.

    Great looking house!
  20. Daniel Elam

    New very old house. New music room.

    Got a music room in our old house too. You can see a bit of the drum kit. Yamaha keys not pictured. We love our old house too. Finished in 1917.