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  1. zebraprs

    85 Tribute looks really nice! Check it out

    It is once again for sale.. I purchased it earlier this year and need to move it for GAS Hit me up for a price...
  2. zebraprs

    85 Tribute looks really nice! Check it out

    I am selling my 85 Tribute Custom... it is up on reverb. now... This is a special guitar., I thought 59/09s were an interesting choice, but the 85/15s were not out yet... and I don't want to mess with it.. if it...
  3. zebraprs

    Warm and fat humbuckers on a P22?

    Actually, I think you need to do both. but ONLY if you use the blended output. if you use separate outputs, you don't have to change anything. that is how my HBII is wired.. I had Artist PUs installed with a 5 way rotary.. sounds great...
  4. zebraprs

    The best P90s

    Hey gang, I just picked up a nice '99 Custom 22 Soapbar. As you know it has Seymour Duncan P90s. Are there any Better P90s out there that I should consider? Please discuss... :)
  5. zebraprs

    NGY: 2015 has been a good year for me

    So I started to really think about my guitar collection and what I really want.. and since January, I have picked up some nice pieces.. Here they are... 1997 Santana I ( unfortunately I sold it... ) 2005 Custom 22/12 (Sold this one too!!!) Here are the ones I kept!!!! 1994...
  6. zebraprs

    Used PRS Custom 24 advice needed

    they are all nice indeed. I own a '95 with Dragon Is in it.. Had a 25th Ann. with 57/08s, also had a 2011 with 59/09s and finally had an 89, with the multi-tap pickups in it. they all sounded great!!!! The Dragon Is have a "hot vintage" sound, after that I prefer the 59/09s. but you...
  7. zebraprs

    Newb to PRS Amps -- simple breakdown?

    If you like Clean, I would try the Custom 50 or even Custom 20. Get the head then you can pick you cab to play with. I believe they still sell the 4x10 cabs. you will love the cleans these amps provide. and the dirt is as good as anything out there...
  8. zebraprs

    NGD 2004 PRS Hollowbody I Spruce

    Love these!!!!
  9. zebraprs

    MODCAT Decoders

    There are a few additions needed. PRS MODCAT DECODER Enter MODCAT: Model: Could not find Model 'E2' Top Wood: Maple Frets: 22 Top Spec: Figured Maple Top Grade: Ten Top Neck Wood: Could not find Neck Wood 'D' Neck Carve: Pattern (Wide/Fat) Fingerboard Wood: Rosewood...
  10. zebraprs

    Opinions welcomed

    Brushstroke 24... Beautiful guitars. but it is not like a Custom 24 at all. it is more like a 24fret Paul's Guitar. I had one hoping it would have all the warmth of a PG. but it was much brighter than I wanted. Great Guitar for sure, just not what I was looking for tone wise.
  11. zebraprs

    New 5 way switch mod available thru PTC

    I had this done last year to my Custom 24. It really makes a big difference being able to dial in true single coil tones.
  12. zebraprs

    PRS 30th Anniversary Event Details!

    how did you get a guest? I thought this was only open to Signature Club members, PRS Forum members and Dealers until March 20th.
  13. zebraprs

    PRS Family Photos thread

    Wow! If this is not Guitar Porn, then I don't know what is.. Here is my collection. Plus I just got these 2 since January...
  14. zebraprs

    NGD - 2007 SC245

    I was thinking of what to buy next and I wanted it to be something a little different than what I already had. I browsed the forums and online auction sites. I came across this baby.. the previous owner did some "Heavy Metal" mods that I was able to reverse and get it back to what I like...
  15. zebraprs

    2 channel C pre -production head ?

    don't believe so.. you would need to put in 2 extra tubes and a larger transformer. why not just get a 100w Archon????
  16. zebraprs

    HBII Pickup change to Covered 59/09's

    I had the PTC install a 5 way rotary and Artist Pickups in my 2013 HBII. it sounds great and I have all my favorite sounds.. plus the Piezo...
  17. zebraprs

    PRS 30th Anniversary information!

    Happy Anniversary to the best Guitar/Amp company on the planet!!!! the best ppl, best gear, and the best PRSh!!!! The future is bright!!!!
  18. zebraprs

    85/15 Pickups...

    Saw mention of these new pickups on Facebook... They are called PRS 30th Anniversary 85/15 Pickups. I wonder what they are.. any ideas???
  19. zebraprs

    NGD: 1989 Custom ... I am so spoiled..

    I know. right?
  20. zebraprs

    PRS Multi-Tap Electronics Yes or No

    Thanks Hans, Just posted the NGD thread. I only just got it yesterday.. :wink: