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  1. Brad737

    Best Dan Erlewine book/update to looking for opportunities with PRS

    Get better tuners. The ones that come in kits are always junk. With proper tuners, you may not need to reduce the thickness of the headstock.
  2. Brad737

    Looking for the value of a 1986 PRS Custom 24 with birds and 10 top, in mint shape, with case

    I sold a 1986 VY Custom about a year ago for $11,000. It was in Near-Mint condition, included all case candy, original receipt, a copy of Guitar Player’s first review of PRS guitars, and an original PRS catalog. The blue-lined case was a little rough on the outside.
  3. Brad737

    Flamed Maple Neck On Vintage CE Guitars?

    That‘s how I write all my ads! :p At least that’s how I used to do it. I haven’t sold a guitar in 3 or 4 years now.
  4. Brad737

    Chorus Pedals - Let's Talk Favorites!

    I have quite a few pedals, but I don’t use any of them a whole lot. Having said that, I do have 3 separate for Van Halen tunes (my all-time favorite), a SRV/Hendrix board, and a ”kitchen sink“ board. on the EVH board, I have his 5150 Chorus. It’s cool for Diver Down songs, but...
  5. Brad737

    Question about Darkening Rosewood Fretboards

    I’m intrigued by dyeing the fretboard on my 1968 Les Paul. It’s a mongrel. the headstock was snapped off years before I owned it. And it’s been routed for humbuckers, although the pickups are early non-T Patent Number pickups. Also, the top has been refinished. But I have a copy of Gibson’s...
  6. Brad737


    Yeah, no. People are welcome to play them at my house, but I won’t loan out anything. Sorry.
  7. Brad737

    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    I have 3 pedalboards. The first one is set up for Van Halen tunes. I know it’s advantageous to run most of the effects through the effects loop, but since I switch off between a Super Lead and a 5150, I don’t use the 4-cable method. I just run it straight to the input of the amp, because Super...
  8. Brad737

    SS frets!

    Thanks for posting the video, Les. I’m a huge fan of SS frets…so much so that I even had them installed on my vintage 50s Les Paul Custom. I could easily pick out the SS frets on the video, but I’ve never been able to hear the zinginess in person. After so many years of airplanes and shooting...
  9. Brad737

    Basement Room Project

    Here’s my guitar room. I know it pales in comparison to most of your’s, but I haven’t played in public for YEARS. I’m strictly a hobbyist who likes to shake the walls from time to time.
  10. Brad737

    Basement Room Project

    Les, there’s nothing Craptastic about that! Is that Boogie on the right a Lone Star, or a LSS? What’s the Boogie on the far left? Thanks, Brad
  11. Brad737

    11 Top... right again!

    I dated Nuno’s niece for about a year. I never met him, but she told me he’s kind of a dick. :D I still like his playing though.
  12. Brad737

    Hopeful Sinner

    I’m so sorry to hear about Jon. He was a great guy.
  13. Brad737

    Both heartbreaking and touching

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. But I’m so glad he was surrounded with love in his final days.
  14. Brad737

    #6 pickups

    Shawn doesn’t work at PRS anymore.
  15. Brad737

    How the hell did I miss THIS?

    Dang. Ish had some natural finish CEs that were killer, but they’re sold out. Peach has some just like this, but in Antique White and Vintage Mahogany finishes as well. Decisions, decisions...
  16. Brad737

    How the hell did I miss THIS?

    I wonder if they’ll let me do a 4 month layaway? :D:D:D
  17. Brad737

    How the hell did I miss THIS?

    I’ll check ‘em out!
  18. Brad737

    How the hell did I miss THIS?

    Hey guys, I was thinking today about how it’s been so long since I’ve purchased a new PRS. The simple fact of the matter is that ever since I bought my Private Stock a few years back, my GAS was been abnormally manageable. :p Anyway, with all the talk of a Forum guitar, 594s, Fiores and such...
  19. Brad737

    The "Forum Package"

    You certainly seem to have a lot of spare time. That was a novella. :D:D:D