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  1. 93studiolite


    I did something similar this weekend. I was changing the strings on my LP and I’m so used to longer scale length guitars and having locking tuners, that I pulled way to much back on the low E string and ended up with too many winds on the tuner. I also forgot to pull the high E string back...
  2. 93studiolite

    crooked Knob

    This thread has a lot of posts that could be taken the wrong way. So funny though.
  3. 93studiolite

    Recessed control cavity plates on S2 and CE

    It doesn’t bother me one bit. The trem cover isn’t recessed on my Strat either. I don’t even notice it on either guitar. I love my S2!
  4. 93studiolite

    Help me. Which one?

    Purple if it was me.
  5. 93studiolite

    PRS Quizz Time!

    90%. I didn’t know what the push/pull on the studio does.
  6. 93studiolite

    NGD - SE Paul's Trampas Green- Anniversary Guitar

    Congrats! Nice looking guitar. I’ve been at my work for going on 19 years and the only thing they give me is more work, Lol.
  7. 93studiolite

    What is your next PRS and why?

    Mine will probably be a singlecut of some sort. I really would rather have a 25” scale length, but I’ll probably end up with an S2 594. Really hoping they announce one with P90’s later this year.
  8. 93studiolite

    NGD! - so I was bugging y'all about 509's...

    Very nice! I love the color.
  9. 93studiolite

    Hugely disappointed

    So far my money is safe. I didn’t see anything that makes me want to spend anything right now.
  10. 93studiolite

    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    I didn’t see anything that I can’t live without. The SE 24-08 in Eriza Verde kind of piqued my interest, but not enough for me to spend the money.
  11. 93studiolite

    Happy 2021

    Happy New Year everyone. I was in bed at 10:15, but heard the fireworks at midnight.
  12. 93studiolite

    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    I agree with you, but I really want a singlecut and the only S2 single cuts at the moment are the 594’s. I would much rather have a regular 25” scale length S2 single cut.
  13. 93studiolite

    Tony Rice

    I saw Tony play a few times when I was younger. Amazed me every time I saw him play. My Dad and Mom were big into bluegrass and we used to travel around the southern states to all the festivals. We have lost a lot of great musicians this year. I was very sad to see this when a friend of mine...
  14. 93studiolite

    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    I really hope they don’t come out with a S2 594 with soap bars. I won’t be able to stop myself from buying one if they do.
  15. 93studiolite

    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    Seriously? That fretboard is awesome. Kind of reminds me of the two tone ebony boards. I love those as well. It gives the guitar more character in my eyes. Beautiful guitar!
  16. 93studiolite

    Gotta Ask...What Are Your Resolutions?

    I usually don’t do resolutions, but I started to notice how much I have become addicted to my electronic devices over this year. I’m going to do my best to put them down more because I realized just how much time I’m wasting with them. I could be a much better guitar player if I had put as...
  17. 93studiolite

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone gets what they wanted.
  18. 93studiolite


    I replaced the HFS/VB in my S2 with 57/08’s. There was nothing really wrong with them, but I tend to like lower output pickups. I changed the 496/500 set in my LP for a set of T-Top replicas also. I’m just not capable of taming those higher output pickups. I will say, the HFS was very clear...
  19. 93studiolite

    Good buys at the accessory store right now.

    Haha! I have this same one, one size smaller. I can wear the smaller one but I constantly feel like I have to suck in my gut when I wear it. This one is an XL and fits much better.
  20. 93studiolite

    Good buys at the accessory store right now.

    Here’s my new shirt. Finally got a picture for you all. DTR, I almost tried to find a Hello Kitty tube top picture to post up for you.