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  1. steved

    What are the PRS 509 pickups like?

    As above with me. In humbucking mode they're too bright - the tone knob needs to be your friend with this guitar.
  2. steved

    Best PRS tech in Nashville?

    Corner Music was a PRS dealer and repair place for a long time. Not at the moment, but their repair people might be a good bet for this.
  3. steved

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    Ah yes. Back 15 years ago when I built this thing I was all over the forums and stuff about this, and would have known exactly what you meant. It's similar to what you describe, but not quite. This one does a "turn off the front panel tone stack" thing when you engage the boost switch, so when...
  4. steved

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    It's a Bluesmaster 50. Defeat switch? Not that I know of. It has a footswitch...
  5. steved

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    Oh wait, we're doing amps too?
  6. steved

    PimpRS My Axe

    Well, kinda. After buying (and later selling unfortunately) my '85 custom 24 I built two partscasters, using mostly warmoth wood parts. The thing that really struck me about that 85 is how well it stayed in tune, even with active tremolo bar use. So those partscasters got wilkinson bridges...
  7. steved

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    My '89 Custom 24 - you know the drill. Mahogany, maple, Brazilian, etc. Original Dragon pu's.
  8. steved


    It's quite possible that it left the shop with a good setup, and traveling through cold weather or weather of varying temperatures caused it to "go out" of spec. It may just need a tiny truss rod adjustment, if everything is as you say.
  9. steved

    Private Stock Friday

    The one that says Dragon II?
  10. steved

    Private Stock Friday

    I had to look at this one about 6 times before I figured out what was going on.
  11. steved

    Custom 24 10-Top: Serial Number Question

    It's one more than 200000. So it's one louder.
  12. steved

    So where are these "Dead Spots" I keep hearing about?

    @gabebennett, you seem to be making a judgement call on all PRS guitars based on your experience with just one of them. If you've read the rest of this thread you'll know the real story - that lots of guitars have dead spots to various degrees, not just PRS but all of them. Whether or not you...
  13. steved

    Show me (or tell me about) your 509!

    I've posted this guitar elsewhere, but since the time I started this thread, I got this one - And it's fantastic! Really lives up to its promise of tonal diversity. One thing I've discovered is that with this guitar the tone knob is the key to happiness - for lots of guitars, I've just left...
  14. steved

    The Great Green Guitar Thread

    It would be wrong of me not to post this. My new 509 -
  15. steved

    The Vintage Yellow Thread.

    How have I not posted in this thread before? My first PRS (an '85) was vintage yellow. This is my '89 -
  16. steved

    Dead spots on CU24 guitars

    Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting the springs a bit - if they resonate or vibrate a little bit, even inaudibly, at the right frequency, that might adversely affect the tone of a note played at that frequency.
  17. steved

    MODCAT Decoders

    I tried this decoder from page 1, and also the one linked above on my 2018 509, and both got some stuff, but missed a lot. It's FNM2FTHSI63_2329 /ED /N.
  18. steved

    Dead spots on CU24 guitars

    Not mine, but it's the older style of neck.
  19. steved

    NGD! - so I was bugging y'all about 509's...

    Thanks all! This is my Happy Divorce gift to myself. Did I mention it's a 10 top? And as above - real single coil sounds - there are very few youtube demo videos that really bring this out. I wasn't sure these would have a real strat quack sound in 2 and 4, but it's in there. And my neighbors...