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  1. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    The Age-Old Question Is The Wrong Question!

    I actually prefer the question in its original postulation. Possibly because I like my answer to that question. First, if it's not for a total beginner, set aside minimum $500 for a decent guitar. No sharp fret ends, level frets that can get a reasonable action, bridge that holds tune, replace...
  2. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Effects loop

    Are you going guitar to HX to effects loop return? Or are you going guitar to amp input, and send to hx to return? If you're doing the first one, then yes, all gain stages and channel switching are before the effects loop. Otherwise you'd end up distorting stuff like loopers and delay, which...
  3. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Curious, what's your amplifier of choice?

    Archon 100w. Might as well be the only amp I own. It's the only one I play through. I love the cleans. I love the leads. The amp is built like a tank. Technically I own 3 other amps: boss Katana 50w, orange micro dark, and a old tiny solid state Squier amp. But the Archon is the only one that...
  4. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Right or Left hand technique....

    My left hand is much better at guitar than my right. Lots of hammer ons and pull offs when playing faster. I can finger pick well enough and I've avoided using picks as much as possible, so my pick use is very very weak.
  5. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    MT15 head; will my cab do the job?

    Psssst the warehouse WGS Invader is a 50W greenback clone. It sounds fantastic with my Archon, so it should also sound great with your MT15. If you can find a used one they're a bit cheaper than celestion too.
  6. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    To sell, or not to sell, that is the question

    I'll bid 402 What are we bidding on again?
  7. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Rechargeable amp/pa Bose ?

    No highs, no lows, must be a bose. Generally, I think a rechargeable amp is a good idea for you, but I avoid bose the same way I avoid Gibson.
  8. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Your best score of 2023

    It's not the Kemper when you already own a MkV
  9. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Your best score of 2023

    What are you using now for a compressor?
  10. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Your best score of 2023

    Oh man it's been a long year. I completely forgot it was 2023 when I bought my Drybell Unit67. I first heard of the Unit67 like 3 years ago on this forum before I even owned a prs guitar. At the time I told myself "I'll just watch one demo but I'm absolutely not buying it and I don't need it"...
  11. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Your best score of 2023

    A whole basements worth of rockwool acoustic panels for like $100. Maybe $150. Whatever it was, I made out like a bandit.
  12. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    So's been good to know you!

    That's a super cool idea. I love this. How many guitars have you built? Do you have a 'signature model' that you designed? Do you have a favorite guitar that you've built? Photos? Sorry to hijack, but I'm an amateur luthier myself, and I've been curious for awhile, if you don't mind sharing.
  13. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Are cocobolo necks any good?

    A local lumberyard has something like a 8 foot 6x8 of cocobolo. I don't remember the exact dimensions, but it's an impressive and expensive chunk of tree.
  14. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Recently purchased mt15 wondering about the parallel jacks

    Your options are: 1 16 ohm cabinet in the 16 ohm jack 1 8 ohm cabinet in one of the 8 ohm jacks 2 16 ohm cabinets plugged into the 8 ohm jacks The output transformer will be happy with any of these. 2 cabinets is twice as many cabinets as 1 cabinet, so I'd go the third route. By full...
  15. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Which S-Locks to get?

    Interesting! Not sure why mine had shorter screws, but I'm happy to hear mine was the exception, rather than the rule.
  16. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Which S-Locks to get?

    You got me curious, so I dug up the strap button screws from my 2017 custom 24. The shaft is 1" long. Maybe they used longer screws in different years, but these were too short for my tastes.
  17. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Music Nomad vs. StewMac nut files....

    I use the Hosco red handle nut files. You can get a set of 11 on ebay for about $100. Link to Hosco files here When I did my research on nut files, I concluded all of the worthwhile sets cost between $80 and $100. Anything cheaper didn't look adequate for a job well done. I settled on the Hosco...
  18. Toolmaster Of Brainerd

    Which S-Locks to get?

    When I put in strap locks, I go to the hardware store and get some deck screws. For my preferences, most strap button screws are woefully undersized. I usually use a 1 5/8" deck screw. Deck screws have really small heads, so they fit into the strap buttons, while still giving you a bigger...