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  1. leokula

    If you went away, what brought you back?

    I'm actually away now! I came upon one of my dream guitars and working out a deal I ended up giving my PRS Santana 2012. I'm yet to get back, hope I do by the end of 2019 at least!
  2. leokula

    Should I jump? 408 PS Heaven

    Holy smokes man... that is absolutely amazing. That flame next to the bridge, looks kinda like a fold in a curtain... man, it looks amazing, also the color is just out of this world. Congrats!
  3. leokula

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I kinda feel relieved after I get a ding on a new guitar lol it's like I don't have to be so careful anymore!
  4. leokula

    First world guitar problems

    Deciding what shade the next guitar should be to sit well next to all of the others (even tho they're all in cases or bags anyway)
  5. leokula

    Check out "Paul's" signature...

  6. leokula

    Private Stock is fading!!!

    To the OP, that's great news they're refinishing it for you! But man... if I were you, I'd maybe ask them to have some super coat of something on top of that... the original finish looked amazing.
  7. leokula

    There is NO flippin' excuse for this....

    Man this looks awesome... I agree, it's got every upgrade you'd possibly want. Congrats!
  8. leokula

    Now I’ve seen it all :-/

    These days you have to really focus on enjoying the artist in a concert to avoid feeling irritated every minute with someone... One thing that gets me is people moving around all the time, finding different spots or going for drinks all the time. The giant millenials also don't help lol won't...
  9. leokula

    Ripley from Aliens vs Xena the Warrior Princess

    This is no dispute... Ripley!
  10. leokula

    I should stay off Reverb - but Sergio will like this...

    Man I love that type of burst in PRS's... Wish they'd do this in the SE's.
  11. leokula

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    I grew up on both! My mom was a huge trek fan, not so much SW. I would personally say that there's more awesome trek out there than SW... For me, SW is the first 3 movies, that's it. I kinda like Force Awakens, but the last one was just god awful for me. I consider myself a big SW fan, but I...
  12. leokula

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I gotta say neck profile is something I'm yet to delve into... I got 9 guitars, most I can say is which neck is thick and which is thin LOL
  13. leokula

    S2 or Core ?

    I think at some point you have to ask yourself if playing and sounding good is what you want. I only have one PRS, which is a Santana SE and I think it gives me the PRS feel I was after. I didn't think I needed to go Core or PS to get the PRS feel and sound. I believe I was right. But sometimes...
  14. leokula

    Is this a fake? I think so...

    I would go ahead and call it pre-guitar.
  15. leokula

    Santana Mutilation

    That's savage LOL
  16. leokula

    NGD - Blue Guitar Day! Paul's Guitar, Faded Blue Jean Quilt WOW

    I dare say that this is my favorite PRS of all. It's at a dream level for me. Congrats!
  17. leokula

    NGD so close yet so far. Curse you employment!

    Wise guy this boss of yours... he knew that you'd be trashing the office toilet multiple times and he'd eventually suffer the consequences of that.
  18. leokula

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    In case anybody was still wondering if the silver sky would be a hit :D
  19. leokula

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    LMAO that was pretty funny indeed!
  20. leokula

    Idiosyncratic question about back of SE head stocks

    First time I see someone complaining about accurate information on the back of a guitar's headstock lol if that's a turn off for you, then you probably didn't like the guitar that much anyway.