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  1. Vic6string

    McCarty vs Paul's vs Santana vs...

    I do alot of un-amp'ed playing too...just grab the guitar and sit on the couch, but didn't want a full hollowbody, so I went with a CE semi-hollow. I love the semi-hollows because you still get the feel and almost identical sound of solid bodies (with much less weight), but you get just enough...
  2. Vic6string

    did you ever turn down a killer top because of the back color?

    I'm actually the opposite. I hate the guitars that have colored maple tops and the natural back. To me it just looks like they didn't finish. It's either all natural or all color for me. I went with the faded blue smokeburst because I love how the edges just fade to black and then wrap all the...
  3. Vic6string

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    I haven't had my CE semi-hollow for long, but I love ALMOST everything about it. The one thing that bugs me (and I'm sure I'll eventually change the way I play to accommodate) is the placement of the volume knob. It does make it easier to play with the volume, but since I never had a guitar with...
  4. Vic6string

    NGD - Starla!

    Funny how just putting a Bigsby on a guitar instantly makes it look like it's an antique. It's like doing the relic thing without having to ruin your finish. I think the Starla is the only solid body PRS that just looks right with a Bigsby. Enjoy the new axe!
  5. Vic6string

    NGD! Finally.

    Yeah, with many of the flame tops pictures just don't quite capture it. They have an almost 3D kind of effect to them when you are looking at them in person and it's hard to capture that on a flat pic.
  6. Vic6string

    NGD! Finally.

    Sweet...a classic look (and tone)!!!
  7. Vic6string

    5 piece or 3 piece neck?

    That absolutely makes sense, I had just always heard that all the PRS headstocks had the wings added on so I was shocked to see that wasn't the case with these. Top to bottom, this thing is truly amazing. The attention to detail and the quality of the craftsmanship is unsurpassed.
  8. Vic6string

    5 piece or 3 piece neck?

    I don't see it....especially when looking at the middle three pics above (side views from the bottom up). Those grains run all the way down the neck, I just can't see them perfectly matching grains like that, it would take forever to find the right pieces and cut them the right way. Usually you...
  9. Vic6string

    5 piece or 3 piece neck?

    Can't believe I posted every pic but the main one. Here ya go (I just don't see any sign of the wings...grain seems to match all the way):
  10. Vic6string

    Silver sky fret job ? Or neck swap

    If you bought a sports car and decided to tint the windows, no one would bat an eyelash. Same thing. You like the guitar but want it to be just a tad more comfortable. Go ahead.
  11. Vic6string

    5 piece or 3 piece neck?

    I know it's technically a 3 piece. I also have no problem with the two little wings because they have no bearing on structural integrity or sound at all. The thing is, This thing doesn't appear to have them. I can usually tell easily where the wings start, but this head appears to be one solid...
  12. Vic6string

    5 piece or 3 piece neck?

    So I was just taking a closer look at my new CE, and have a question for you folks: is it a 5 piece or a 3 piece neck? Every video I watched and thing I read before buying it said that the CE was a 5 piece (Neck, extra piece at the end joint, headstock, and the two little flares at the bottom of...
  13. Vic6string

    NGD! SE Custom 24! (EXCHANGE EDITION!)

    The beauty in these PRS tops is that they AREN'T perfectly even...each one is a one of a kind work of art. Looks great, and that's a nice little corner you got going there. Love the old Floyd poster.
  14. Vic6string

    PRS (Vintage) locking tuners

    I just got a new CE and it was perfectly in tune out of the box and has stayed perfectly in tune with me playing the hell out of it and messing with the whammy much more than I normally would. Assuming they did the two finger method (which I am sure they did since their quality control is so...
  15. Vic6string

    My first NGD in about 3 decades (and first ever PRS)!!!

    Yeah, I have nothing bad to say about the Charvel. It went almost completely unplayed for about 20-25 years, most of the time just sitting on a stand in a corner, and all I had to do was blow the dust off, change strings, and bring the action down. It still plays reasonably well, but I'm not a...
  16. Vic6string

    My first NGD in about 3 decades (and first ever PRS)!!!

    Let me figure out how much trouble I'm in for this one with the wife first before I go hunting the next one.... I will say, though, next one has a fixed bridge... Maybe a thin McCarty or a Paul's. ;)
  17. Vic6string

    My first NGD in about 3 decades (and first ever PRS)!!!

    So, I wanted to splurge a little for myself as I am just a few months away from the big 50, and I finally pulled the trigger on this new CE24 Semi hollow (and thanks to the forum members who helped me make my decision). All I can say is this thing FAR exceeded my expectations! I was going to go...
  18. Vic6string

    NGD - The Ugly Duckling

    What year is that guitar from? No way it got that much fade in just 4 years. That said, if it feels good and sounds good, it doesn't matter if it looks like they stained it with cow manure (and I don't think it looks half bad.... I like when it is outside the normal spectrum of colors you...
  19. Vic6string

    Do you gig with 9 gauge strings?

    I can just imagine if SRV would have grabbed a Billy Gibbons guitar with these on them and just started unknowingly playing. His first bend would have probably looked like drawing back the string on a hunting bow.
  20. Vic6string

    Finally, I´ll go for my first PRS!

    I don't own a CE ( gets here in a few days!!!!) but from everything I have seen and heard, the trem is great and holds tune really well. That said, the standard trem isn't really designed for dive bombing and some of the more aggressive stuff you'd hear in Vai or Satriani style music the...