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  1. Big Eric Bee

    Whats your favorite PRS/best of the herd??

    Right now it would be my modified Mira X. No other reason than it's the one sitting out on a stand right now. Love the shorter scale and the Phat Cats in it. (But I'm mainly playing acoustic right now, so my electrics are mostly just sitting around.
  2. Big Eric Bee

    [Technique] What is your favorite excercise?

    Flatpicking fiddle tunes. Maybe not so much an exercise as just having fun with a guitar. It's one thing that can easily go from acoustic to electric. Sometimes will sit down with a tune book and work on sight reading melodies. Occasionally will do the same with backup, but only if I can...
  3. Big Eric Bee

    Nicest forum on the net?

    Ha! So am I. Used to be on one of the retro-grouch forums and couldn't take it anymore. I also don't hang with many other cyclists anymore. There are some really nice folks locally, and will ride with them once in a while, but it's usually some sort of adventure biking thing. Not speed, but...
  4. Big Eric Bee

    SE Mods

    Nope. Not showing up on my computer. Just tried 3 different browsers and nothing. On two of them, the photos appear to be there due to the size, but are not showing. If that makes sense.
  5. Big Eric Bee

    NGD - Back in the PRS fold

    Nice looking guitar. And welcome back to the PRS fold.
  6. Big Eric Bee

    Who can sit out and play?

    Okay, no photos, but we ended up playing outside this morning. About 10 folks at the jam. Mid '50s when we started. Would have been ideal without the wind. Left a bit early to get out on my bicycle for the afternoon. Once again, the wind was the only thing keeping it from being an ideal day.
  7. Big Eric Bee

    What about a 594 junior

    S2 One would be nice. Use the original Mira body shape. And the 594 length. That would be sweet. (Confession - my Mira has SD Phat Cats in it, so it's basically a PRS Special.)
  8. Big Eric Bee

    Who can sit out and play?

    Chicago cold?:rolleyes: Sorry, but I'm in St. Paul, MN. Where -20F isn't that uncommon during winter. And that's still not cold compared to some places around the Midwest. Today will be in the mid 70's. Might not be playing outside, but will definitely be out on my bicycle. Then again...
  9. Big Eric Bee

    I'm going to need a lesson.......

    Nice grab. Good to see you got the wings down. Never did get used to them. Hate to say it, was probably one reason I didn't own a PRS for a while. (Well, the fact I mostly play acoustic might have something to do with it, too.) Beautiful guitar. Old CEs are my favorite. Then again, it was...
  10. Big Eric Bee

    New Bernie .... sort of....

    Decided to give mine a proper photo -
  11. Big Eric Bee

    So I Drank Some Schlitz Beer...(Edit) NGD?

    Schlitz. Ugh. Only had it a couple times as it was on the way out by the time I started drinking. As to Milwaukee's Best - tried drinking it. Couldn't. Then my wife tried cooking with it. Chased us out of the apartment with the smell. Seriously, was like something had died on the stove...
  12. Big Eric Bee


    Update - okay. I now have a new favorite pick. From what I can tell these are early style celluloid (i.e. not as stable as the modern stuff). Really like the tone. 5th Fret Productions carries some of the models. Really glides off the string well and I like the inherent tone. They're even...
  13. Big Eric Bee

    New Bernie .... sort of....

    Got mine a bit over a week ago. Pure luck to find out about the book before the pre-orders were closed. Been too busy recently. Hopefully will get some free time to start reading it.
  14. Big Eric Bee


    No photo yet, but another one to toss out. Just received a pick from It's thinner than their regular models (Perry model to be exact). Only received it this afternoon, so no testing yet. Appears to be a very high quality celluloid. Well polished and shaped. Fast...
  15. Big Eric Bee


    Definitely will never say never. More than a little of the music I play will have accordion. Am fortunate enough to have 3 friends who are exceptional accordion players.
  16. Big Eric Bee

    Guitars you've owned that you thought are worth more than the price you paid? Less?

    Cool score on the MIM Strat. Used to find deals like that many years ago, but tough to do these days. Would like to add that my Martin Dreadnought Jr. is more to me than what I paid. Not only is it my go to couch acoustic, but it's also the one I lug to many jams and have even played a...
  17. Big Eric Bee


    Nice review. Can't say for certain Blue Chip will last forever, but my oldest is at least 5 years old and has no appreciable wear. As to BC and Red Bear vs the real thing - well, I haven't really touched my TS picks since changing over to those two. Every once in a while will try them...
  18. Big Eric Bee

    Biggest blunders/pleasant surprises in guitars purchases

    Those early Fernandes instruments were incredible. Much better than the regular production from Fender at the time. There were many times over the years one almost came home with me. Still have a couple of friends who use the regularly at shows.
  19. Big Eric Bee

    PRS's biggest failure, sales wise.

    With modern replacement pickups, they would be better. I didn't have the guitar for long, but it seems to me there was quite an imbalance in sound between the bridge humbucker and the single coils.
  20. Big Eric Bee

    PRS's biggest failure, sales wise.

    Mira X. Love mine. Extremely light and resonant. But really, you can find them used for about the price of a new SE if you look around. Original Studio model. The 10 tops on those are terrible (had one). Because of the routing for the neck tenon and pups, they had to drop in scrap wood to get a...