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  1. walrus

    S2 Standard

    My S2 Standard also weighs in at 7 lbs. I love the neck and it is my first guitar ever with a contoured back - love it! I'm no expert on pickups, etc, but I certainly like the way it sounds. I also have a tendancy to pick it up and play it unplugged, and it sounds great - espcially for a...
  2. walrus

    Which SE and S2 models to search for used?

    This! I love mine!
  3. walrus

    Rock & Roll HOF Nominees 2024

    They should just get it over with and rename it to the "Music Hall of Fame" or something. There's nothing rock and roll about many of the inductees, and of course the nominees you just mentioned. It's a joke. And I didn't even mention Rush!
  4. walrus

    60 years ago today.

    And in one night, the world of music changed...
  5. walrus

    Straps that go with PRS colors?

    +1. Two guitars, one strap. Red Monkey "Blackmore" leather strap, brown with a black end piece. Except for a very foolishly sold Fretsling strap decades ago, this is my favorite strap out of many over the years.
  6. walrus

    Sting’s 1987 PRS

    Here's a version that is not edited:
  7. walrus

    Looks, sound or playability.....

    Playability, then sound, then looks. Gotta want to play it!
  8. walrus

    Black em or hate em? :)

    See my avatar, I like black guitars!
  9. walrus

    Black em or hate em? :)

    Cool strap, too!
  10. walrus

    In praise of Guitar Center's used-guitar photographs

    Usually the decription is "this guitar comes with a gig bag". :rolleyes: But seriously, I have found that if you call the store for an in hand description, you can get a good idea about the guitar. And remember their used guitar return policy, it's very buyer friendly.
  11. walrus

    NGD 2020 S2 Custom 22

    Congratulations! A beauty!
  12. walrus

    NGD - 2020 PRS S2 Standard 22

    Duh! I just changed the thread title and my signature! Not sure what I was thinking - too much partying in the '70's, perhaps! Thank you!
  13. walrus

    NGD - 2020 PRS S2 Standard 22

    Thanks for adding the photo!
  14. walrus

    NGD - 2020 PRS S2 Standard 22

    I'm back! Haven't posted in a long time, as I (foolishly) sold my '08 Hollowbody a few years ago. But I'm back with a '20 PRS S2 Standard 22! Love it! Light, resonant (unplugged it sounds great for a solidbody), comfortable - but you guys know that! Got a deal on it at a local Music Go...
  15. walrus

    Is there a 2002 PRS catalog and/or price list?

    Searching and searching, but no luck finding even an image that such a thing exits. I can find 2003, though. Did they not put one out in 2002? Thanks!
  16. walrus

    Favorite player that uses PRS ?

    Resurrecting this thread. John McLaughlin - from two days ago... walrus
  17. walrus

    The Song Title Game

    "Mercy Mercy Me" - Marvin Gaye
  18. walrus

    Singlecut Hollowbody I Production Years?

    I'm trying to chase down a Single Cut Hollowbody, and Iwas wondering - from what I can gather from the PRS price lists, the SCHB I was only available in 2008 and 2009. Is this correct?
  19. walrus

    The 'vintage value' factor

    Napoleon was a loser! Here is one of the most famous graphics in history, by Charles Minard in 1869. It is a cartographic depiction of numerical data on a map of Napoleon's disastrous losses suffered during the Russian campaign of 1812. The red line is Napoleon marching to Russia (the width of...