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  1. disco13


    I ended up grabbing one of those and having them convert the tuners to locking ones. I had planned on waiting for a gold top but the weight and tops of the sunbursts just looked sweet. Could not resist. I love the pickups. Never played the core model but the SE checks all the boxes for me
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    While I am excited for this SE version, I think I'll be waiting until this time next year, or perhaps Holiday 2023 to see if there are any deals on overstock. I was able to get a good deal on an SE SilverSky when I ordered it in January 2022, but I didn't receive it until November. I figure...
  3. disco13

    NAD! HDRX 20 - gigging guitarists are going to LOVE this!

    annnnd I ended getting one with the matching cab over the weekend, and so far I am loving it.
  4. disco13

    NAD! HDRX 20 - gigging guitarists are going to LOVE this!

    Thanks for the write-up. Curious to know what setting "bedroom" level is on the master volume...we talking between 0 and 2 on the dial? I don't have any local to me to try out but I did see a review of one where I like the tones coming out of it with the master set to around 3 I think
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    What locking tuners for a PRS S2 McCarty 594 SC

    Did you end up replacing the grommets as well when you put the locking tuners on, or did you use the original ones in the headstock?
  6. disco13

    The SE Silver Sky First Impressions and analysis..

    I’m looking forward to your locking tuner options for the SE SS!
  7. disco13

    Locking tuners: wrap around according to PRS instructions?

    I do about a half wrap then tighten them up. No issues
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    What is your next PRS and why?

    Got an order in for a SS SE that hopefully will be here in a few weeks and then I’m also waiting on my modern eagle V to be built.
  9. disco13

    John Mayer SE

    Do we know if it will take the USA SS locking tuners/anyone aware of a locking set that would fit?
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    @Brian G any updates from PRS regarding the arrival time of these beauties?
  11. disco13

    PRS CE 24 Semi Hollow

    I’ve had a semi hollow CE24 for 8 months. Love it. Had a ce24 a few years ago and liked it, but not as much as the semi. I also think the tci tuned pups sound better. Not my favorite neck shape but not uncomfortable by any means
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    Sonzera 20 vs Blackstar ht40mkii

    I've owned the PRS and like you used it in the house. IMO it's way too loud for the house. And yeah, the OD channel is a beast to control. I recently just acquired a Marshall Origin 20c, and while it's the same wattage as the PRS it is much more useable for home use, even at the full 20w (it...
  13. disco13

    594 GAS/tuners

    I was hesitant on going after the 2020's myself due to the vintage style tuners, because I just love the locking ones. It's been a few years since I sold my original 594 (profile pic) but when I saw the 2020's had been TCI tuned, I figured I'd give it a shot since the 58/15LT sounded pretty...
  14. disco13

    If You Only Had 1000 Dollars: SE vs S2?

    can't go wrong with a nice satin vela! Got one used from dave's guitar a few years ago and it's a guitar i'll never part with
  15. disco13

    Question for Silver Sky owners

    like most of the others here, both of mine came setup wonderfully and I didn't touch a thing
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Fleetwood Mac
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    Swart amps?

    I recently came across swart amps and don’t know much about them. Anybody have experience with them? The atomic jr is the one that caught my eye. These similar to a fender custom champ?
  18. disco13

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Gotta keep it fresh. Unicorns because my daughters love them and I thought the mother Mary strap really went well with the rose gold. Pulse I think JM himself would approve of the unicorn strap.
  19. disco13

    Buying an S2 but which one?

    I’ve got the standard satin one and love it. bought it before the SH existed but if I didn’t have mine I’d get the SH. ENded up getting a CE24 SH to fill the SH void
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    2019 on the left, 2020 on the right. I think they really nailed the S-type guitar with these. I didn't know what to expect with the neck when I got the first one but it was instantly the most comfortable neck I've played. I guess there were some QC issues with some of these early SS's...