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  1. daveyisgreat

    New Guitar(s) in the works??

    I predict an SC 594 hollowbody.
  2. daveyisgreat

    Private Stock Friday

    A fanned fret 7 string?! In green?!?! With a super amazing gonzo burly top?!?!?! Holy cow!! So much want.
  3. daveyisgreat

    Best PRS tech in Chicago?

    The folks at Music Gallery in Highland Park are top notch. If you can jaunt up north of the city a bit they would be an excellent choice. Plus they have tons of really cool gear. Just a first class shop all around.
  4. daveyisgreat

    PRS Custom 24 2001 authenticity

    Nice! Welcome to the CU24 Stoptail Club!
  5. daveyisgreat

    2016 Custom 24 - New one or is 2015 and earlier as good?

    I think the older ones are pretty great...
  6. daveyisgreat

    John Mayer Signature Amp - The J-MOD100

    You know how Porsche makes a handful of uber Porsche models and people see them and think they are cool, and then they go out and buy the Boxster because it's a Porsche that they can afford? I figure many guitar players will see John Mayer playing a very cool uber PRS amp and then go out and...
  7. daveyisgreat

    Trembucker pickup rings?

    Ok. I wasn't sure because I compared my SD pickup to the stock one and ring and it looks bigger. And then according to the SD website the dimensions are different -- for the standard size: for the trembucker size: I'm just not sure if I need to get the current PRS pickup rings or a set of SD...
  8. daveyisgreat

    Trembucker pickup rings?

    Hi all, I have a custom made Seymour Duncan trembucker pickup I want to stick in the bridge of my guitar (circa 2000 Singlecut) and it looks like I'll need to replace the pickup ring as well for it to fit. Does anyone know if the new pickup rings are big enough to fit a trembucker pickup? Does...
  9. daveyisgreat

    HFS - who else loves it?

    I don't really hear any harshness with the HFS in my guitar. It sounds very smooth and fat on the high end, and the low end is so deliciously chewy and growly it's crazy. Maybe it's the stoptail. Maybe it's my amp. Maybe it's both together. Who knows. I do love how it sounds though. I'm going to...
  10. daveyisgreat

    HFS - who else loves it?

    That's a good idea -- I should get another guitar! I love it!
  11. daveyisgreat

    HFS - who else loves it?

    How do they compare to the 85/15s? I think those are what I would go with if anything.
  12. daveyisgreat

    HFS - who else loves it?

    I'm planning to send my CU24 to the PTC for some TLC -- it's a 17-year old guitar! But reading about all the new updates and advances tempts me to think about getting a pickup change while it's back in the hands of its creators in MD. But then again, I really love how the HFS and VB pickups...
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  14. daveyisgreat

    NGD - he did what?

    That looks amazing! Great work!
  15. daveyisgreat

    NGD: My First Owl

    Owls are cool!
  16. daveyisgreat

    Buying new vs used

    I got a used one and I love it!
  17. daveyisgreat

    Custom 24 stoptail?

    I am really digging this guitar! I played a CU22, with the trem, and didn't really care for the HFS or Vintage Bass pickups. But in this guitar they sound HUGE! It must be the lightweight wraparound bridge, plus the extra wood. This guitar growls like an angry beast on the low end, and upper...
  18. daveyisgreat

    Custom 24 stoptail?

    By the way, the case this came in was pretty grungy. Does anyone know where can I go to find a replacement, but maybe a nicer case than the multifit case, like maybe an Artist case or something?
  19. daveyisgreat

    Custom 24 stoptail?

    Ha! He can keep it...