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    So I’ve never played a PRS Santana, What am I missing?

    Great guitar for sure. The pickups are not hot.
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    Is this PRS news? Keith Urban PRS.

    I do not think it is relic'd. Urban plays with that huge leather wristband on his right wrist. All that leather, alot of playing and nitro do not go together well. He has been playing that guitar as a main axe for a little while now.
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    Unexpected New Old Guild Day

    Very nice! Pickup or Mic for amplification?
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    Question for those gigging solo acoustic...

    QSC speakers were pretty common until they had production issues. You could drop the price by a 100 if you went with a JBL, EV, LD, or Mackie. With the exception of a few acoustic amps, most are gimmicky and many, more expensive than at least the Mackie and not as good!
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    Question for those gigging solo acoustic...

    A good powered PA 10 or 12 inch speaker, and a DI with high and low mid range adjustment is all you need. I am familiar with a lot of gigging acoustic solo acts and this is the way to go. Higher end acoustic amps work but are outside your specified budget. Powered PA is the way to go. Example a...
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    For Goldtop and Sergio, wherever they are?

    Is this not a beauty? PRS CE 24!
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    Another trip to Ft. Wayne

    I'm your huckleberry!
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    Now it makes sense. Careful over there. Hang out with fools and they will only frustrate you and beat you down with experience.
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    The old "what makes a 10 top" debate

    It does not matter anymore anyway. 10 tops are no more. At least for the interim... No current core models offer the option anymore.
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    PRS Core Guitar Less Colors

    As sacrilegious as it sounds, they did away with "10" tops also.
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    Private Stock CU24 Orianthi Blooming Lotus Glow LTD run

    The Orianthi Guitar is hot like the person it was made for. I have some time. I might have to move on this.
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    Fiore - new finish option

    Funny, that is funny, but But not this part. I had to bury to many!!!
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    John Mayer SE

    My dealer expects to see their first batch next week or the week after.
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    Private Stock Friday

    Less is more. Simply beautiful and tasteful with the whitewash mahogany, Mercy!
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    Private Stock Friday

    Here is your answer with the first post in this thread and, the second post, both by the O.P.. After the response to this thread, the thread became a classic as predicted by... The pics are random shots taken each week and posted on a Friday. It was simply a way of promoting the forum with...
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    Joe Fenton Tremonti's (20th Anniversary)

    "]People are spending hefty amounts of coin lately in rather eye opening ways" The resale market on these is likely to make the Nebula and Lunar Ice look like nothing. With each one being different and folks looking to trade over or up in price to get the one they like best of the 20. Good...
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    Joe Fenton Tremonti's (20th Anniversary)

    I talked to one of my dealer friends just a moment ago. He said within minutes of the release announcement of this guitar their phone lit up. Shows that Paul can do no wrong. All the more justification Paul needs to offer a limited Core run of double necks. 20 to 100 of them would sell just as...