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    Need some help before buying : fake or legit PRS ?

    Those really aren't that bad for made in China. For $200 I might take a flyer on one of these! -k
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    First post...Strat to PRS

    There’s a noticeable difference. I have an SE custom 24 and S2 standard 22 and the 22 is an easily smaller guitar. The position of my arm on the first fret of each feels different. -k
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    USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

    I don't know guys. I've worked in civil engineering for over 20 years so for me it's more of a value add proposition. In these terms, a new core level guitar will almost never be worth the money asked for it. The used prices are much more reasonable in terms of what you get IMO. On top of...
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    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    2 PRS, 1 Strat that Ive had almost 20 years, and 1 Alvarez acoustic. So 50%. The bass doesn’t technically count. -k
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    Neck Width

    Strats have even more variation in neck carve over the years. -k
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    NGD - 24-08 10 top

    I love the color but they don’t make any in my price range... :( -k
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    SE 22 vs 24

    It’s not the added couple frets that makes the difference, it’s the length of the neck. The neck on the 22 is noticeably shorter than the 24 and it feels like a smaller guitar when you play it. The neck pickup is a little bassier but the overall sound isn’t too far removed from the 24. -k
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    PRS with Pearly Gates

    SEs can be even better value. IMO there really isn’t much difference at all between a good SE custom and S2s. Quality is pretty solid on pretty much all of them; well except for the few Indonesians that people complain about on here. -k
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    Paul said he found the secret

    That's how you sell and build buzz for your product am I right? It doesn't hurt that the guitars typically back it up. -k
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    New member PRS guitar quality issues.

    I haven't seen a guitar with these issues, but there's no way some of the things wrong with Eric's guitar happened after QC. If the frets were that far off, it's something that was there the entire time. The guitar then went out again after being set up. -k
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    SE Standard vs SE Custom

    I honestly can't tell, but there are people who have had some minor issues with quality control when it comes to the Indonesian guitars that to me, looks more like very small cosmetic issues. The best course of action would be to buy the guitar you want from a vendor that has a decent and fair...
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    SE Standard vs SE Custom

    I think the Standards are all made in Indonesia. The Customs can come from either Indonesia or Korea, and you won't know which it is unless the place you buy from has the headstock photos up. Moore Guitars has some Korean ones. There are other dealers too if you check out the dealer page on...
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    SE Standard vs SE Custom

    Well yeah the cap and veneer are the biggest and really only physical differences between the Standard and like 90% of Custom 24s, but the biggest advantage of the Customs is choice. You get much more variety in color and finish. Also necks can be different. I like the plain neck on my SE...
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    S2 594 Announced!

    Not sure why they would. The Standards are a different guitar with trem and different neck. These are probably going to be more expensive than the standards also. -k
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    Current vs. Vintage

    I'm only going by what I've read on the forums that the pickups made since the 57/08 are of higher and more consistent quality with threads about people swapping out older pickups for the new ones. -k
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    Current vs. Vintage

    I keep hearing that the pickups are one of the biggest differences. Ive never taken the time to try out the older pickups like #6, #7, or HFS, but the consensus seems to be that the newer pickups in the last few years are noticeably better than these. -k
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    Current vs. Vintage

    The main question I guess is, are the guitars getting noticeably better, or does manufacturing technology just make things more consistent? How would you equate a 2019/2020 PRS S2 vs. a higher model guitar produced 20 or more years ago with what some may say are lesser pickups and lesser...
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    Current vs. Vintage

    I've been curious, and at the risk of opening up a can of worms, figured I'd ask. In most interviews with Paul and others in the company, much of the narrative is about how PRS is always striving to push forward, to constantly improve, to constantly innovate both in design and manufacturing...
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    Searching for my Holy Grail, Signature series #521

    Going that far back, I’m not sure PRS even still has records indicating who the original store was that they sold the guitar to. Problem is, the sale to the first customer from that store would probably be unknown to PRS and then if the guitar was resold at any point, things get even more...