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    Are the core line customs worth the money?

    No question that the answer is yes. Quality, playability, sound and looks are top notch.
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    1994 Custom 22

    As always you are the man! Also, the guitar did not have covered dragon's. I suspect a pickup change. probably alnico 2's.
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    1994 Custom 22

    So i stumbled across a custom 22 with a year code of 4 and a serial number in the 20k range which matches the PRS book as 1994. Oddly, it had the larger script logo and long heel neck. My initial thought was that this was a 1994 made in the new factory to the new spec's making it probably one...
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    My Wife is amazing

    I was there to witness this. You could not surgically remove the ear to ear grin on Rich's face. Very cool.
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    I attended on Saturday and have to compliment Brian and his staff on a fantastic event. Very well done. The first band was awesome, and the two other guys were awesome players and told some great stories and some good tips. Paul was his typical self, entertaining. I walked away with a...
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    Alex Lifeson Thinline inputs, please!!!

    Picked up a used SE at Brain's on Saturday and am very impressed. I wanted a thin line guitar with a electric neck profile and so far, it has fit the bill nicely. Since it is my first acoustic, I do not have a comparison point but to me is sounds great, the action is nice and the body is very...
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    Went to the open house at Brians Guitars and picked up a used Alex Lifeson model. Very nice in perfect condition.
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    SE Owners

    The good think I have found about this site which is unlike other hobbyist sites is that there are no nose downers here and all are very collaborative and informative. Se guitars are a great value and very well built. I have an SE Santana and constantly pick it up to play vs. my four core...
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    Poll: How Many More PRS Guitars Do You Need?

    An SC245 from 2009 to match my DC and a old school swamp ash special and then I am done. Lucky seven baby!
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    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    My best advice is to not over think the neck profile too much. Your hand will adapt to the shape of the neck as you play more and more. Neck profiles have changed over times even the label people put to the necks may be different. You are on the right track but also put some thought into they...
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    I'm in. Will be there.
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    2017 Custom 24 - 85/15 Pickup Challenges

    57/08's are awesome. I love them in my Ted.
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    This is pretty cool: Vernon Reid Signature S2 VR Vela

    Nice guitar, not for me. As far as VR goes, I really like his playing especially live. I sa them in the late 80's and it was like being kicked in the gonads as compared to the music of the time.
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    PRS CE24 quesstions

    The maple top is the same thickness but the carve is different. The old ones had a violin carve around the edges vs. the new ones slope to the edge with no additional carves. If anything, a bit more comfortable to play because you do not have the lip digging into your forearm. As noted, there...
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    It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over.

    Well played Les. Nice guitar and had a blues hawk with p90's. Never should have sold that one. for a cheap guitar it wailed.
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Welcome to the club beech!
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    Norman's Rare Guitars - Guitar of the Day: 1992 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

    with racing stripes! What no Alex Lifeson? BTW saw an instructional video of Alex playing the black 24 and a cherry sunburst single cut.
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    Is this PRS genuine?

    Nice find.
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    Happy Birthday to me!

    Happy birthday and what a great find. Bet is sounds awesome.
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    The Death of the Electric Guitar ("news" article)

    I read the article and drew a different conclusion than the author. Guitar is not declining, it is just morphing into something new. Yes the numbers are down, yet there are more used guitar sales excluded from those numbers. As we all know, the sites are flooded with used guitars which is...