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    Artist series II interesting pickups

    I should say mine is a 1995 and was #347 of that build.
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    Artist series II interesting pickups

    So I have an old Artist series II that I ordered new when they first came out many decades ago. I was thinking of changing the rotary knob to a 3 way toggle and decided to open the back up. I was surprised to see the installed pickups from the factory actually are Dragon I bass/treble. I...
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    Spec your dream PRS build

    I'd do a modern eagle 5 with thin neck and the color being either Santana Salmon or Pink Cherry Burst.
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    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    swamp ash with three single coil pickups and a roasted maple thin neck.
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    New PRS and the knobs wiggle

    So I just bought a new custom 24 with a manufacturing date of mid-June ‘19. I noticed that both the volume and tone knobs have some movement in them. Kinda like they didn’t tighten the nuts enough. That can’t be normal can it? I have two much older PRSs and their knobs have no play in them...
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    Blood Orange - who digs it?

    Bring it back! Though what I really want is an option for a “Santana Salmon” color - non-private stock.
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    Standard vs 10 vs Artist grade tops

    i came a across a McCarty 594 Soapbar with a standard top that looks as good as most “10 top” guitars i have seen. I also once ordered an artist grade guitar and when it came it the top was noticeably worse than most standard tops. What gives ? Is it simply what they have on hand and label...
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    Blood Orange - who digs it?

    I love it and damn PRS removes it as an option for 2019. Not even available for Artist package guitars.
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    Quilted tops

    Are quilted tops, 10 top or artist but not private stock, still an order option? Also, is the eagle headstock a non-private stock option?
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    Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

    If they would allow, I still would have gone with Salmon. You and Carlos Santana would have it and very very few others. Just like the one they had a NAMM this year. If not that, then Solana.
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    Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

    May i suggest Salmon!
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    piezo design used in hollowbody vs solid body

    when the p22 came out a few years ago, it came with a redesigned circuit board, 60% smaller than the original. Any of you know if prs has started using that new board with all their piezo equipped guitars? the standard push-pull coil tap couldn't be used in hollowbody's because the old...