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    Was anyone not happy eith their S2 594 purchase??

    I like mine. I took it to a 3 hour gig the same day it arrived. I later bought a Gibson Les Paul Tribute (for the looks, I'm in a Pearl Jam tribute), same kind of price range, but the PRS is much easier to play and probably sounded at least as good even with original pups (I put SD SNS in...
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    NGD: S2 McCarty Thinline

    I got exactly the same, also a few weeks ago. Also a bit unsure about the pups. Bridge is quite hot, and it's almost all the way down already, so not much wiggle room with height adjustment. In fact, just ordered a used set of SD Saturday Night Specials. Hope they'll turn me into Doug Rappoport.
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    Travel Guitar

    I had headless Kiesel guitars (Osiris) for travel which are pretty compact. I would still sometimes unscrew the neck and throw it all in a small suitcase (protected with clothes around it). I'm actually planning on doing this with a cheap Strat on my next travel since I don't have the Osiris...
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    Relic’ed Silver Sky?

    Looks nicely done to me. Although the pickup covers and knobs are way to shiny still.
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    Are pots from PRS Accessories the same as used in S2 models?

    Even better! I figured since it said only "PRS designed" that it might not be part of the Core line.
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    Are pots from PRS Accessories the same as used in S2 models?

    I want to replace a scratchy Schecter volume pot with the same pot I have in my S2 Standard 24, which I really like. Anyone know whether the pots sold here are what is used in the S2 guitar line?
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    Show me your NF3s!

    Of course had to lookup what's on Reverb, saw this one, looks stunning! Anyone know roughly how much they were new back in 2010?
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    PRS Robben Ford model

    Also from memory, I do think the first 7 string Ibanez made for Vai had that higher 7th string.
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    Push pull pot going bad

    I too find the S2 tone pot push/pull hard to handle. A more modern push/push (like I have on an LTD) is definitely easier to operate. Separate mini toggle is probably even more ergonomic.
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    Help me choose?????

    I have an S2 Custom 24. Very fine instrument. Most people here might vote for the CE because it has USA-made pickups (and other electronics), whereas the S2 line has mostly imported pickups. (I think)
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    How are the PRS Tremolo Systems

    I've played guitars with FR almost exclusively for many years and only recently acquired a few PRS with trem. I think the tuning stability on the PRS trem mostly comes down to the nut, how well the strings fit into their slots (and possibly requiring some lube). On the range, I found that on my...
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    N(U)GD - S2 Standard 24

    Nice one!
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    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    I found Imgur works well for image sharing.
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    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    You've come to the right place for PRS addicts.
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    N(U)GD - S2 Standard 24

    Update. I chickened out on the magnet swap. Not for the faint of heart. Once I removed the tape around the coil and saw how tiny the wire between the bobbins is I stopped and put it back together :-) I kept playing with the original pups and have worked up considerable appreciation for them. I...
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    Humbucker recommendations?

    PSA. The other day I discovered a great summary of Seymour Duncan pickup characteristics, on the Japanese ESP site.
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    NGD - Custom 24 Floyd

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    Interested in your opinion on current price inflation

    My recent Reverb observations are also opposite to the OP. I have my Core Custom 24 on there (for local pickup only right now), that's why I've been watching those. I've noticed open box or returned mint ones being sold by big online stores for almost 1k below the regular new price. :( Good...