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    Replacing the neck of a PRS Brent Mason - possible?

    I recently had the frets leveled. Helped but still missing something. My latest theory is the frets are too low. I love low action and to be able to easily slide and glide between notes but you also need some resistance (like a good cocktail, smooth but strong enough you don't suck it down in 10...
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    Silver Sky - pick ups noisy?

    Are the Sliver Sky pick ups typical noisy single coils or do they have any kind of noise cancelling built it? On a related note, what are the best noiseless pickups for a Strat style guitar?
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    Replacing the neck of a PRS Brent Mason - possible?

    I bought a Brent Mason recently. Love almost everything about it - tone, sustain, the richness of the humbuckers and strat-y in-between sound, and more. However, the neck is an issue. I've had the frets leveled and the action is set perfectly but it still doesn't feel right. I'm guessing it's...
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    Removing tremolo springs on a 513

    I was trying to remove one of the tremolo springs on my 513 but it wouldn't budge. Does PRS have it so you can't remove any of the springs? Have you ever done so? There are four in place now.
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    New 513 Owner

    Hello - about 3 weeks ago I acquired a PRS 513. (Side note: I traded my McCarty Archtop II for it which I thought was a completely equitable trade esp. since I rarely played the Archtop out and I've already dragged the 513 to a handful of gigs, but this is perhaps for another thread). I'm...
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    Replacing pick ups in a PRS - Advice needed

    Using a Roland Blues Cube.
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    PRS 509 - how good are they?

    Local guitar store (Willie's in St. Paul, MN) has a 509. Are they really as awesome as they seem? Versatile? Sound as good in single coil mode as humbucker? Single coil sounds noiseless? Give me the scoop!
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    Replacing pick ups in a PRS - Advice needed

    I have a PRS that plays/feels great but is lackluster sounding - dull, doesn't cut through when playing with a band, wimpy single coil sounds. Thinking of selling/trading it but wondering if replacing the pickups could turn it into an entirely different sounding guitar and into something that...
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    Why are the Brent Mason's no longer made?

    Willie's Guitars in St. Paul, MN has had two in the store in the past two years. One was absolutely delicious - great tone and tonal versatility, played great, looked great. I waived and didn't buy it, then it was gone. The one they recently had sold quickly (at $2,495, it was more than I would...
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    Hollowbody II anybody?

    One of my big concerns about the HBII is the lack of a tone (and to a lesser extent) volume knob for each pick up. I have Godin Multiac Jazz which not only allows you to blend the humbucker and piezo but each has tone control so you can really play with dark/light in many ways. Has anyone ever...
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    Modifying McCarty Archtop?

    I have a McCarty archtop. Beautiful guitar and a wonderful tone when set to the neck pickup. The issue I have is that you can't control the volume or tone of the two pickups independently. Thus the blending possibilities do not exist. I don't like the sound of either the combo or the bridge pick...