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    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    2 PRS Core 24s, 2 Jackson RR1s, and 1 LP Standard, so 40%
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    Duncans in 06 CE24...sound muddy?

    Assuming all is wired correctly, You need to check SD site for recommend pot and cap value for the JB pickup. Each pickup has a different frequency response which necessitates certain value pots or caps.
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    EMG hate

    ive went through a dozen pickups in the past with several guitars and the issue in my opinion is the active nature of EMGs which boosts the output drive level of the guitar (which helps with noise) but reduces dynamic range into the preamp. Most guitar preamps are optimized around passive...
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    PRS models for collectability

    Black Plaid, thats what im noticing. Ive collected a few Les Pauls and Jackson RR1 v's which have escalated in value relative to what I payed but im noticing that im enjoying the PRS more so than those guitars.
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    PRS models for collectability

    Just joined this forum as I am really enjoying my PRS core 30th model. I was curious as Ive seen generally the core models tend to depreciate by up to 50% after 5 years or so, are there certain PRS models or core variants that seem to hold their value better? Im also looking to add a model...
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    2015 PRS CU24 30th Anniversary model neck question

    Hi im a newbie here and just ventured into PRS guitars. I managed to purchased a used 2015 30th Anniversary 24 core model but cant figure out if the neck is a pattern thin or regular and wondering if there is a way to verify or decode from the SN#? Thanks for the help.