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    Custom 22's???

    in my sig but 08 CU22, Diezel herbert with kt77's, Dual recto 6L6's( getting ready to send the mesa to Kyle Rhodes on Jan 1 so he can work his recto magic) Orange 4/12, Mesa 4/12 both with vintage 30's, TS808, OCD v3, ISP decimater, MXR eq in the loop of the boogie. I think my PRS has...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hello..... Newbie alert...lots of stupid questions coming lol...Ill try to search for answers first. Anyway Im a old school Gibson guy that just picked up a custom 22, moons, tremo, have no idea what the colur is called( great looking burst) the guy I bought it from said it was a 24??? lol...
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    Which Overdrive pedal and Why

    Agree 100% I have a v3 OCD (alittle more bass, then a v4) It sounds great in any matter what. I mainly play pretty heavy stuff so its nice to get that classic marshall tone at a decent Vol for classic rock stuff. Suhr Riot is prob my fav sounding OD box but it can be picky about what...
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    What's the shortest & longest time you've owned a guitar?

    3 days...fender MIM strat ...always been a gibson guy, but picked up my PRS the other day and love it. First guitar beside a gibson that Ive loved. Just wish my PRS didnt have the trem...But i can live with it B-). Longest is my 89 Les Paul Custom ...5 years, I'll never sell it