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    Korina McCarty?

    Thanks guys. Sorry I haven't been able to reply until now. Had a nasty fight with a stomach virus. Brad, I really like the gold. I found some pics of one online and could never warm up to the painted neck. That's just one of those things that I've never really liked. Too bad the McSoapy I...
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    Korina McCarty?

    You wouldn't happen to have any pics of it would you? I'm trying to imagine what it looks like.
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    PRS Starla stoptail adding a bigsby

    Buy a Vibramate. It uses the holes for the stoptail to mount the Bigsby. No drilling required.
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    Korina McCarty?

    I'm pretty excited. Ordered one from Dave's this morning right after I posted this and saw their thread. Going with the gold metallic McSoapy. It should be in stock and shipping at the end of the month. I've gotten the chance to play some korina Carvin CTs this weekend and really fell in love...
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    Korina McCarty?

    I called the GC where this one was located, and finally got someone to confirm that it's a mahogany. I agree, Tyler, that the finish looks strange. Oh well, looking forward to my NEW korina McCarty - whichever color it may be. :biggrin:
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    Korina McCarty?

    I don't respond a whole lot on here, but I do love popping in daily and checking everything out. It's refreshing to read posts where people aren't bad-mouthing each other and especially other companies. But I'm here because I decided that my quest for the P-90 equipped Les Paul that I wanted...
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    Korina McCarty Heaven! Custom Colors!

    Please tell. I am staring heavily at the ones on the site, but don't want to pull the trigger on something and then wish I had waited for something else that you got in.
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    At the factory

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    What's your Deal breaker?

    Painted backs - opaque or trans - when there is a separate top wood. Don't paint the back of a Modern Eagle blue just because the top is stained blue.
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    And a little Los Straitjackets
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Disregard the title. Then name of the song is The Sound Wave Reversing by Man or Astroman. Someone set the music to their own video.
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    Neck Angle on DGT and CU24

    You can always check the height of the strings coming out of the nut. If you use the 14th fret measurement as a constant, lowering or raising the string height at the nut can have the effect you're talking about. Think of the string as a seesaw with the 14th fret being a fulcrum and the...
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    Damn - what happened here?

    Excess heat caused that top to split. The guitar could have been left in a hot car or it could have split from the heat of a heat gun during a refin. The top on my CE-22 started to separate when I refinished it. I used a heat gun to remove the old finish and notice the top beginning to separate...
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Saw where somebody was listening to The Rain Song recently so I pulled this up:
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Yeah Goldtop. I've been playing a lot of Def Leppard lately and was listening to High N Dry yesterday. Watched the In The Round concert a couple of nights ago. May even go to the concert in the Woodlands on 9/1. Haven't seen them in 25 years - probably time to. :)
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    I'll double down with a little Badfinger.
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    The Deep Dish II Pickup

    Heck, I'm thinking about pizza now. :D
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Great video Goldtop. Man, the girls sure knew how to dress back then, didn't they? :D
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    You're welcome. I've realized that sometimes it IS just what the doctor ordered.