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    Zach Myers Locking tuner replacement - cuation

    Just an update on my original post since the tuners have been on a while now and I play pretty much every day. I am pleased to say that tuning stability is excellent. I've had one change of strings, so easy. The finish on the tuners is still bright with no tarnishing so all things considered, a...
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    Zach Myers Locking tuner replacement - cuation

    I haven't put my ZM down, its so easy to play, helped by the fact that it rarely needs tuning now. If you do ever get around to changing the tuners I would recommend you first pop one of the bushes out and take some measurements, then get whoever you buy the tuners from to check and make sure...
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    Zach Myers Locking tuner replacement - cuation

    I recently bought my fist PRS guitar, a Zach Myers in Trampas green and am loving it. However all my other guitars have had locking tuners and I’ve just got used to the ease of changing stings with these. So I set about finding some good quality replacements which turned out to be much harder...
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    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Hi, thanks for the welcome. Just got my first PRS, a Zach Myers and the forum has already provided some good info.