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    When did 58/15s get an LT version

    Yes I was referencing the overseas made 58/15s that were on the S2 594 when they came out and the se hollow body. So the 58/15sLT are new it seems.
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    When did 58/15s get an LT version

    Is it name change only or did they reduce the turns?
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    When did 58/15s get an LT version

    As the title says when did the 58/15s pickups get an LT version ? Is it just a name change or is there a difference in 58/15s and 58/15s LT
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    Pickups 85/15's

    I find I like them better when I roll off the volume and tone
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    How are the SE Soapbar II's?

    I just picked this up yesterday. Loving it.
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    Went looking for a P90s guitar found this previously loved Soapbar SE singlecut yesterday 8/20/22 and it followed me home. Loving it so far. Anyone have any experience with this guitar?
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    What "beater" do you pick up?

    Classic vibe 50s tele.
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    NGD in cherry…

    I am GASing for S2 594 at the sam ash near me (they have 3) but I am undecided about the pick ups. How do you like yours and what type of music do you play?
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    Tone difference in S2 594 single and double cut?

    Is there much of a difference, anyone played both!
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    58/15s in a CE24?

    Has anyone done this put 58/15LT in a new CE24? What was it like?
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    Why the hatred?

    Does your husband know how fortunate he is ?
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    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    Less than 50% but I plan on changing that soon
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    The "I Just Played a ..." thread

    2018 CE my only prs and a squire classic vibe 50s tele.
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    S2 594 opinions

    Thanks for the replies. For clarity I was just trying to compare the SC, vs the double cut both with the maple cap. Not the thin line all mahgoney model. When I saw the hollow body and hollow body ll se come out I thought. " I wonder if they will release a 594 se? But I'll certainly take a...
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    S2 594 opinions

    Pretty much decided my next guitar will be an S2 594 . I am wondering if there will be tonal difference in the single cut and the double cut. Anyone have any experience with these two options on the core 594s ?
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    Namm video

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    Things I wish PRS would make...

    An SE 594 LT.
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    PRS SE Mcartney

    What are the chances we will see an SE version of the Mcartney 594 with SE versions of the 58/15LT.
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    I have a friend who has a bunch of guitars...

    try, buy BGU2.2