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    The Ultimate Clean Amps & Circuits, Other than PRS

    :proud: Folks, I won't begin by writing about PRS amps. Reason is, I don't have one, but have PRS guitars. I have a bunch of other companies' amps, and several home-rolled by tubed circuit designers. I was trained in jazz but love all kinds of music. Wildly varying tones of distortion and color...
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    Grolsch, the large(r) bottles for the included guitar strap fastening washer/grommet! Otherwise, if I don't need the free strap grommets, less of an issue with PRS's relatively enormous strap buttons than tiny-button brands, I've been enjoying Heineken and domestically, the original Coors...
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    Has any one tried EV12L's for a 2x12 cab with 50 watt amp?

    I don't have EMV12Ls, plural, in anything but can highly recommend a barely smaller but lighter choice: I bought an over-sized Fuchs 112 cab with the EVM12L, including a solid or partial back via removable panel over approximately 1/3 of the back. It's well over-sized, pretty heavy but not so...
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    Not trolling, Mr. Ape.
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    Yes, thanks! I also bought the guitar, which has helped enormously...
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    Hi, been traveling... I'm semi-surprised by the posts here and elsewhere related to the elevation of brands and companies populated by the imperfect, not the perfect. Living is a matter of working through one's own and dealing with others' imperfections (and perceptions, obviously). I did call...
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    Absolutely, helps show how hopelessly broad the category/genus is, and thanks very much. I had not seen that. Viewers should click on the link just for reference as to how very numerous the species in Dalbergia are. It's kind of like saying somebody died of Old Age. Well probably, sure, but I'd...
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    Thanks very much, BFM! Being new to this I think you're right, it made more sense doing the move rather than leaving it attached to a frequent contributor's comment, to which I replied. Basically, for all who care, it was a reply to a previous discussion of Chaltecoco v. something else that...
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    The Critical Importance of Perception

    First post, trying to find out about a Sweetwater "Dalbergia" neck and fingerboard... I've recently joined "the club" buying two, new hollowbodies with the piezos. I'm not sure I'll buy many guitars in the future that don't include piezos, since they add so much to the "hi fi" attributes you can...