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    HDRX 100

    I gotta say, if any one has the chance and is interestet, try to get a pre rola pulsonic Cone G12H or G12M for that matter. My 1971 G12H55hz came and i cant stop playing, i had every speaker in the book before, theres nothing like it really. Its sounds so present but yet smooth, nothing shrill...
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitar String Noise

    lean is no problem, les pauls and most of them do with these bridges
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitar String Noise

    On top of that, and that is subjective, i would lower the pickups a bit for better tone.
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    HDRX 100

    no original celestion from 1971 never played Scumbacks wanna try them one day, only heared good things
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    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    Deluxe & Super Reverb, Plexi 50W from a friend but they all can go home, now that i got my HDRX20w:p
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    HDRX 100

    I have an G12H 55hz from 1971 pulsonic cone coming in two weeks, will report, should slay^^ I bought two 1x12 HDRX Cabs for combining 1x G12H and 1x G12M Pre Rola, the G12H comes first now, the G12M i will get in Spring. For now i play a Greenback RI from 89 with the 6402 cone if im not...
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    HRDX20 FTW

    HRDX20 FTW
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    Sell me on the HDRX20

    Its an absolut blast to play, i had tried the SV20 etc etc out there but nothing beat this, i love mine...this is a tighter lower gain focused phat tone. And its an awesome pedal platform, nos fuzzes, vibes , el capistan, reverbs, everything sound stelar, better than any amp i have tried, as...
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    HDRX 100

    Just played the 100w at a friends house, i got the 20w at home, good lord what a beast!! I also have to say they sound better than the marshalls i tried and im super happy with the 20w. They respond great to tube rolling too, got mullard v1, rft v2 and tesla gold v3 with Philips 6L6wgb sounds...