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    NGD - Paul Reed Smith Tremonti

    I love a story with a good ending, especially about redemption of a lost soul that was obviously in the wrong hands! Did you get the tuning knobs replaced as well? They look like wood. I have a 2001 Tremonti Signature and it has the black tuning knobs. I like them more than the chrome ones...
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    Mark Tremonti Rig Rundown (2012 - Premier Guitar)

    Thanks! I can watch this all day. Mark said he realy likes the Fractal and uses it in hotels for practice. Also that it is the best digital one our there. As soon as he appeared on the advertising page I knew I was about to loose a lot of money buying one. SOme day.
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    Tremonti Tribal Singlecuts

    What? Wow! Nice pic. Any more details on what it was like? Just to get that close to that rack of guitars would cause me to get weak in the knees.
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    Signed or Not Signed?

    Thanks themike, That is amazing that you can shoot Mark amp questions. He was thrilled that he had just got the Bludodrive (I think that's the name) and was using it in his Creed rig. I think I remember that the amp was made in Denver. He also held his own when talking to the Wildwood Music...
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Mark Tremonti is my favorite. He walks up to you, shakes your hand, and looks you in the eye during a coversation. Even though he has been asked the same gear and song questions over and over, he really is interested in what his fans have to say. I met him at a Meet and Greet at Wildwood Music...