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    Private Stock CU24 Orianthi Blooming Lotus Glow LTD run

    Love the finish! While the inlay work is certainly beautiful, it’s a bit too ornate and busy for my taste. Also would prefer a different carve vs pattern thin. That said, while it won’t fit my needs I’m sure it’ll be a winner for PRS. Congrats PS team!
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    NGD! PS Semi Hollow MEV

    Beautiful guitar, congrats. I love solid colors on PRS’.
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    My dream guitar is for sale. Do I buy it?

    Yes, buy it but skip the gap year and get a full-time job sooner. Shouldn’t be hard given the labor shortage.
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    Which of these 2 guitars do I need next?

    I see you’ve already purchased a DGT - congrats, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I too am a Mesa Boogie (and Soldano) fiend, and am also not big on brittle, fizzy or abrasive top end. I’ve played the spectrum of PRS guitars and my current favorites are the 22 SSH (with 58/15 MTs)...
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    Which of these 2 guitars do I need next?

    What elements of the McCarty make you prefer it? Asking so we can better guide you.
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    Owning the highest echelon of PRS guitars

    PS, WL and Core are all FANTASTIC. Honestly you can’t go wrong between any of the three. That said, below is the decision process I use: 1) If I can find a core that meets my needs, I go with the core. 2) If I can’t find a core but can find a WL that meets my needs, I go with the WL. 3) If my...
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    Why non-locking tuners?

    Two main reasons imho: weight (Paul knows there’s a trend towards lighter guitars), and cost.
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    Anyone with a prs roasted maple neck?

    I have one and love it! Feels great, sounds great, and looks great.
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    NGD Custom 22

    Nice. Congrats. I love the CU22.
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    Which Two PRS - Gigging Edition

    22 Special Semi Hollow (SSH) and another 22 SSH if I need a backup. If no backup is needed, SC594 Semi Hollow.
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    NGD: SC 594

    Cool finish. And I love the SC594.
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    Would you like an S2 594 thinline in a singlecut with pattern reg neck?

    As with many other companies, PRS made some changes to reduce complexity and simplify manufacturing as a result of the pandemic. This included changes like eliminating the Custom 22 model, making the Custom 24 neck pattern thin only, moving from 58/15 MTs to 58/15 LTs on the SSH, etc. If PRS is...
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    Would you like an S2 594 thinline in a singlecut with pattern reg neck?

    No, i’d rather they invest any complexity in core line models.
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    A Tale of Two DGTs

    Both are beautiful. Congrats!
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    New color?
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    PRS Special Semi-Hollow

    Imho, the MTs are a bit hotter and provide a superior split sound, which means they can cover more ground. The LTs suit the 594 wonderfully, but when it comes to the SSH, I prefer the MTs.
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    PRS Special Semi-Hollow

    If you want 58/15 MT pickups, which I much prefer to the 58/15 LTs in the 2021 version of this model, get one of the 2018-2020 SSH builds while you still can. If you want LTs, go for a 2021 when available.
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    How the hell did I miss THIS?

    I know what you mean. I have zero affiliation with Ish, but they do some pretty cool stuff and this is one example. At $1499 they’re a killer deal, especially with regular 85/15 TCIs.
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    NGD: Can you say QUILT!!!

    Yeah that’s beautiful. Pretty much private stock grade!