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  1. 5Springer

    Lets see what PRS players drive for cars/motorcycles!

    My daily driver for the last 19 years.. Best vehicle I've ever owned period! It's never been in the shop for repairs and will clean up to almost new condition. With a flat head 5 cylinder and 5 speed manual transmission I get 21-22mpg all day long.. too bad GM was forced to stop manufacturing...
  2. 5Springer

    Well the skunk is back!

    Thought we had a skunk last year, it was just my neighbor growing weed.. lol! Charles
  3. 5Springer

    NGD - SE SAS Charcoal

    Nice score! They are great guitars, enjoy.. Charles
  4. 5Springer

    PRS DGT SE Volume pot change

    Nice upgrade! I've been considering the same change on mine.. BTW, Welcome to the forum! Charles
  5. 5Springer

    PRS SE Swamp Ash Special!

    Locking tuners are a great upgrade! I wasn't having any problems with tuning stability but decided to put lockers on my SAS anyway and found a perceived improvement in tone, not too mention they look great.. lol
  6. 5Springer

    Update- pics! So I did something again.... upcoming NGD... bought a Violet PRS SE Quilt top CU24 blind with no pics.

    Your probably safe with the Quilt, I'd never buy a flame top sight unseen.. be sure to share pictures when you get it! Charles
  7. 5Springer

    NGD Silver Sky SE Maple

    Will a Stratocaster pickguard fit these? Charles
  8. 5Springer

    NGD Silver Sky SE Maple

    love it! I'm shopping hard for another SE while the sale is on and I'm going to have to try one of these out!! luckily I have a PRS dealer within walking distance:) My #1 is a 96 Inca Silver Fender Strat and it's one of my favorite colors. Charles
  9. 5Springer

    Quilted or not?

    Looks like Flame, Figured and Quilted to me.. I have always called the figured "Tiger striped" and depending on the exact piece of wood IMO it's the prettiest.. yours is gorgeous! Nice score.. Charles
  10. 5Springer


    Sweetness! Congratulations, the DGT is a awesome guitar.. Charles
  11. 5Springer

    SAS Spa Treatment!

    Sounds like some cool mods, especially the "freeway" 6 position.. let us know how it all comes together. Charles
  12. 5Springer

    74 today! Think I'll build a guitar!

    "Louie Louie" of course.. :)
  13. 5Springer

    Vela Junior (Single Pickup Vela)

    That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing.. Charles
  14. 5Springer

    SE 594 DC Charcoal - Modified

    Very cool! Got a picture of the back of headstock? Did you end up with extra holes from the phase 3 installation? That's a great looking fiddle!! Charles
  15. 5Springer

    FINALLY! Couple Of Snaps Of My SAS

    She's a beauty! Thanks for sharing.. Charles
  16. 5Springer

    Hollow Body Neck

    I'm not sure why they list these as wide/fat? I've been shopping for a HB and was expecting a neck similar or larger than my McCarty, but they feel closer to a pattern thin to me.
  17. 5Springer

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals???

    Looks like lots of places have SE lockers for $89, Core lampshades for $11 and Trim rings $8. Charles
  18. 5Springer

    SAS Spa Treatment!

    Thanks.. I'll have to check out John's bridge and trem block, figuring since I got the guitar at such a great price I can justify dropping a few coins into it. Charles
  19. 5Springer

    Music Nomad vs. StewMac nut files....

    Not sure about nut files but Stew recently reduced the prices of a lot of their tools some of them dramatically! That being said I actually prefer the Music nomad nut files for my occasionally tweaking, the smaller size and built in handle make them easy to hold and help me produce accurate cuts.
  20. 5Springer

    Possible new PRS owner?

    Welcome to the forum.. The SE DGT is hard to beat, IMO probably the best overall SE yet! It will cover a lot of ground and like you I love the tobacco sunburst.. Charles