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  1. Davey

    The KHE Amp/Cab Switcher Redux

    Nice Les! Having midi is a nice addition. I went with the Delisle. I was also turned onto it by someone on here. Its makes playing thru multiple amps and cabs a breeze. Here is a link to the 8x6 pro that I have.
  2. Davey


    Here's one listed, but I'm looking for something a little less modded and also just less $
  3. Davey


    I've been eyeing these for a while. They were everywhere it seemed for a while and then they all vanished. I have been looking for the same but the tobacco burst and then maybe toss in some 5708's, thornbuckers or some antiquities. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  4. Davey


    I remember because that setup sounded glorious. Looking forward to seeing @vchizzle and the modding too! Great grab...
  5. Davey


    I know..right! I have backed way off purchases in the past couple years because of the ridiculous prices. I still have overpaid for some recently though.
  6. Davey


    I'm thinking something with 4 knobs, SC and maybe some p90's in the future.....hmmmmm
  7. Davey

    NGD CE-24 Semi-Hollow

    Congrats! Nice color and great top on that one.
  8. Davey

    Car and truck lovers unite.

    I will have to do some digging for some old photo's. I had a LOT of cars when I was younger. Thats all I did in my 20's and 30's. They were cheap then, easy to work on and easy to fix up drive and flip for the next project. Just moved, so when I find my old computer, I'll dig up the old photos...
  9. Davey

    NGD: Went out looking for a gut string... come home with a

    Congrats! Nice colors on that one. Great snag!
  10. Davey

    NGD!!! PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 10-Top Quilt Rosewood Neck - Faded Whale Blue Natural Korina Back Guitar!

    Congrats! Thats a nice combination of woods on that one. Great score!
  11. Davey

    I bought some used Phase 1 locking tuners and can't use them...

    I was thinking the same thing....:cool:
  12. Davey

    The lil Dragon won !

    Awesome score! One piece top too. The Westies are definitely one of a kind.
  13. Davey

    DI XLR out ?

    All good DTR. I wasnt completely sure as Mesa is picky with their tubes so I added the disclaimer. ;)
  14. Davey

    DI XLR out ?

    Just wasn't familiar with the Mesa Rosette. For all I knew they might insist on using acme brand cables or it voids the warranty, changes the doomsday clock and takes us to defcon 2
  15. Davey

    CE 24 Tremolo Screws Height? Tuning Instability

    Welcome Brian! ;) 1. here's a video from John Mann illustrating the tremolo screw specs and how to perform the setup. You can fast forward to about the 8:30 mark to get to setting the screw height. 2. As far as the tuning from a standard to e flat, you already stated the tremolo dips due to...
  16. Davey

    PRS Archon 50 Hum

    I was going to mention this All of my amps are quiet, but I have one that made noise and no matter what I've tried, I couldnt get it to quiet down. Finally, I picked up an ebtech hum eliminator hooked up via 4 cable method and problem solved. Still dont know exactly what it was, but its fine...
  17. Davey

    DI XLR out ?

    AFAIK any XLR cable will work. But there are cheaper ones and better quality ones just like instrument and speaker cables go
  18. Davey

    NGD Santana

    Thats is one awesome rig! Congrats on the killer score....
  19. Davey

    PRS + High Gain; Best combinations?

    Into this Into this
  20. Davey

    Strange Top on 1992 custom

    Nothing wrong with that at all, just unique. I would rock that. :cool: