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  1. AP515

    Does anyone move btwn 22 and 24 fret PRS seamlessly??

    Takes me a few minutes to feel comfortable with the switch. Don't even think about it after that.
  2. AP515

    Help with neck profiles

    Yep, they are out there. Good luck in your search.
  3. AP515

    NGD...Another 10 Top OG Singlecut.

    I don't mind the weight. It's not overkill, and the sound is fabulous.
  4. AP515

    NGD...Another 10 Top OG Singlecut.

    I love the gen 1 singlecuts. Congrats!
  5. AP515

    Award time

    I'm not worthy...
  6. AP515

    Nothin but the Blues

    A Classic...
  7. AP515

    Real meaning of CE…

    Never heard the California story. Sounds like an urban myth to me.
  8. AP515

    2023 Current Opinion on HFS & Vintage Bass pickups?

    I started on a Cu24 with the HFS/Vintage set. Still have them, still like them.
  9. AP515

    First post! Hello fellow PRS addicts!

    A man with great taste...welcome.
  10. AP515

    Vela Junior (Single Pickup Vela)

    That's makin it yer own!
  11. AP515

    1992 CE24 question. Signed by Paul in the neck pocket?

    My guess is he probably QC'd a question about the neck in Jan of 92 but the guitar went through the line and got a serial number in Dec of 91. Or some such thing. The Vintage pickups are original and interesting. I have them in my 88. You can get a set of replacement screws for that bass...
  12. AP515

    SE Standard VS. SE Custom Size Difference

    ^^^^this, no difference in size, just all mahogany.
  13. AP515

    Closest PRS ( or other ) to a covered 59/09 pickup

    Are you looking for covered pups for the look or for the slightly smoother sound? Why not just keep them uncovered?
  14. AP515

    After all theses years...

    You're biased, you have one...
  15. AP515

    NGD: PRS SE Standard Tobacco Burst

  16. AP515

    After all theses years...

    That's cheating...
  17. AP515

    After all theses years...

    I'm straight in. Sometimes I think I need a delay because some songs call for it, but I like making as much of that sound as I can with reverb and my fingers. I have a few pedals but almost never break them out.
  18. AP515

    I have a gift card at GC....what PRS can you or used!!

    The old SE Soapbar 2 known as the Soapy 2. It's at GC now for $600. They can ship it to you...
  19. AP515

    Clapton playing P90's!

    Just play a guitar with two P90's and leave the switch on the middle setting. Then just as you start to play, flip the switch to which ever pup you want and no one will hear the hum. My home has pretty quiet electrical wiring because my P90 guitars don't hum loudly. It's not much louder than...
  20. AP515

    Clapton playing P90's!

    Sometimes? It's hard to find a time when Buckers sound better than P90's. But I'm biased.