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  1. matt3310

    My MT100 died!

    Well the replacement arrived today. Huge thanks to Jack Gretz at Northeast Music center. He sent out a replacement right away! Top notch service!! Very happy with this amp! It sounds incredible!
  2. matt3310

    My MT100 died!

    Less than 10 min of playing on it. One second it sounded great, then all its does is this. Very disappointing.
  3. matt3310

    Guitar collection!!!!!

    Please send me a list! Thanks!
  4. matt3310

    Alter Bridge rig rundown

    I was side stage when they filmed this!
  5. matt3310

    Building your own pedals?
  6. matt3310

    Building your own pedals?

    I've built a couple thousand pedals now. I used to use PedalPCB exclusively. Best boards out there IMO. Now I have my own boards and my own pedal line. Love building them!!
  7. matt3310

    Phase III locking tuners on a PRS SE

    Reamed them out.
  8. matt3310

    Wooden Backplate Sets

    Bobs custom plates does great work also!
  9. matt3310

    PRS Scavenger Hunt

    2018 Silver Sky 8/31/2018
  10. matt3310

    PRS Scavenger Hunt

  11. matt3310

    Dealer Singlecut Wood Library Run

    I'd love to see a singlecut trem Wood Library run!
  12. matt3310

    Picked up a 594SE

    I would say about 7.5-8 lbs.
  13. matt3310

    Picked up a 594SE

    Got this from Troglys Guitar show. Played very good right out of the bag. Sounded amazing! had my tech do a setup on it and now.....WOW! I'm always happy with the SE's I've got. But this one is different. Plays, feels, and sounds INCREDIBLE! I usually replace tuners, pots, pickups, and sometimes...
  14. matt3310

    Can We PLEASE Stop Referring to "USA Electronics" In Core Guitars ???

    CTS has different "grades" of pots. Some are great, some are cheap. Same with Alpha. You can get great Alphas, but they are not cheap. Everything is made to spec. I use Alphas on my pedal builds. They cost a lot more than the cheap alphas, but they work great and last. I like the Bourns. I...
  15. matt3310

    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    I have all three. Love the Horsemeat!
  16. matt3310

    Pickups 85/15's

    85/15 are my favorite PRS pickups!
  17. matt3310

    Road king

    I have one and love it! Sounds huge!
  18. matt3310

    A little gold top love!

    Just got a Gibson LP Standard 50's Gold top. Amazing guitar! Nice neck thats SOOOOO comfy! So I did a Gold top family photo. And my favorite gold top decided to join! His name is also Gibson!
  19. matt3310

    Let's see the family photos!

    Man thats my biggest issue! Several closets and a spare bedroom are full!