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  1. Danerada

    Clean Amp Tone via a Pedal?

    I agree with Boogie. Headroom. Also I would add, your pickups. Lower output pickups vs hotter pickups. I tend to like lower output pickups into a clean amp (I use a Princeton and a Dallas). And depending on your wattage needs, I would recommend the Princeton or the Dallas. Get that good clean...
  2. Danerada

    NGD: Pleasantly surprised

    I dig that Phenny. I bought an S2 Mira a couple of years ago and that guitar sings. I put it up against a myriad of other guitars including high-end PRSi and had other players do the same (at the Dallas Guitar Show) and they all my wife bought it for me. And this guitar is fantastic...
  3. Danerada

    Harmonic Design Soap Bars

    I am looking forward to the P90 thoughts in this thread.
  4. Danerada

    NGD-Finally Found One...

    I have had three SE Ones and i sold or traded them for something I thought I 'needed'. I regret selling each of them. I would love to have all three of them back....Congrats on one of the coolest guitars ever.
  5. Danerada

    So what does Paul and the team have up their sleeves in 2019?

    S2 Mira with a single P-90 in the bridge.
  6. Danerada

    In case you were concerned...........

    Peavey sign - doing its part to keep that basement 'Public Stock'.
  7. Danerada

    You Knew they would do this at some point! Aged 594 now at GTRMAV

    I think that's very tastefully done!!
  8. Danerada

    2018 PRS Experience

    Yup...i'm in
  9. Danerada

    New '18 S2 Studio models.......ship date?

    I am not sure when they ship. I looked at a couple of dealer sites and they didn't say either.
  10. Danerada

    Bernie SE Upgrades

    This is AMAZING! What a sexy guitar!
  11. Danerada

    The Brigh...err...Sweet Switch

    Yes indeed!!! I use it on my Bugs henderson Dallas and my Sweet 16. It can often depend on which guitar I am playing. HB II = bright switch on. Tele and Strat = bright switch off...sometimes. LOL The bright switch is like having two amps in one. I freaking love it.
  12. Danerada


    Man have me thinking real hard about this......a guitar with those accoutrements through a Vibrolux - whew....
  13. Danerada


    That was great! I have a strat with those pickups and it has a great sound. I am thinking a TV Jones Plus that is splittable (no volume drop is a MUST) would get you there. Or even a Jones in the bridge, the middle strat pup, and splittable Jones neck pup. All of that in an older SAS would...
  14. Danerada


    So, something along the lines of TV Jones pups in solid body PRS?
  15. Danerada

    Venue Power VS Amps!

    Ok Boog - I was confused i guess...happens more than I like to admit. LOL
  16. Danerada

    Venue Power VS Amps!

    So after reading this thread, I have emailed PRS about the use of a variac and have been looking at variacs. On question I have is, can i run power conditioner out of the variac and supply clean 120V to multiple devices? BTW - PRS said that my amps run best on a clean 120V (Dallas and Sweet...
  17. Danerada

    NGD - Purple Sparkle content

    Oh mama! I love that! I saw the SC at the Exp that had that color and it was the guitar of the show for me!
  18. Danerada

    Where are you?

    I love me some Indiana Phenny and Markie Mark....
  19. Danerada

    Where are you?

    597 miles from Markie and 11 Top Stevensville, MD
  20. Danerada

    Pick one!

    Used Original Sewell 50 watt head and a used SC-58