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    Love that finish! I have one I named Bubbles also: Enjoy!
  2. goat-n-gitter

    NGD - P24

    That they do! My P22 stoptail has 57/08s.
  3. goat-n-gitter

    NGD - P24

    Congrats on a killer guitar! I have a violet CU24 piezo from 2017 - mine has the 85/15 pickups - I assume yours are 57/08s. It is my most used guitar with my band! So versatile!
  4. goat-n-gitter

    2021 Custom 24 Piezo Comprehensive Review

    My violet CU24 Piezo is definitely the guitar I play most! SO VERSATILE!!!
  5. goat-n-gitter

    2003 McCarty, no treble bleed?

    I have to have treble bleeds! I added them to both volume pots on my 594.
  6. goat-n-gitter

    NGD: PRS SE Hollowbody ii Piezo

    Great guitar! The high price to upgrade the bridge is almost surely due to the built in piezo pickup. I have no idea if the core piezo stoptail bridge even uses the same connector or if it is compatible with the SE preamp electronics. Be sure to try routing the piezo to a separate acoustic amp...
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    PRS SE piezo use with Helix

    I also use the 3 Sigma acoustic IRs with my Helix. Mainly the D45 model. My patches wouldn't help you, I run path 1 as effects and switching for my mag pickups into my Mesa amp, and path 2 to process the piezo to the PA. Why is it so important to get someone else's patch? Patches are easy to...
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    The Song Title Game

    Another Know It All - Chevelle
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    The Song Title Game

    Sex & Violence - Stone Temple Pilots
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    The Song Title Game

    Diamond Dust - Jeff Beck
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    The Song Title Game

    Cruise Control - Dixie Dregs
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    The Song Title Game

    Just Trying to Be - Jethro Tull
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    The Song Title Game

    Call On Me - Chicago
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    The Song Title Game

    Intolerance - Tool
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    The Song Title Game

    Lonely in the Night - Eric Johnson
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    The PRS GAS struck again! 2018 CU24

    Does your 2022 have 85/15? If so, swap in the 59/09's for variety. Or send them to me, I have a CU24 and a CU24 piezo both with 85/15 and would love to try out 59/09 in one of them..... Killer guitars BTW!
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    The Song Title Game

    Monkey in Your Soul - Steely Dan
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    NGD - DGT

    Absolutely awesome! What a classic look!
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    Gretsch feel

    I love the neck on my Gretsch 6120, but the raised bridge gets uncomfortable for my right wrist after a while. The neck feels very similar to pattern regular to me. My 594 with pattern vintage is quite a bit fatter neck. I have three PRS with pattern regular, and they are my go-to guitars.
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    The Song Title Game

    In This Place - Robin Trower