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  1. swede71

    DGT and 0.009 Gauge

    I use 9-40 balanced tension set.
  2. swede71

    The PRS in my collection getting played most right now is_______???

    I only have one,my 2010 DGT,and i play it all the time.I also have a Gibson flying v and 2 strats but i play the PRS 99% of the time.The only mods I have done is removing the treble bleeds and replacing the tremolosprings with two medium tension springs.I use 9-42s standard tuning.Personally I...
  3. swede71

    Custom 24 scoop not deep enough

    I have found a solution.It’s about hand position.The best explanation I can give is that normally most people play with palm kinda parallel to the side of the neck.When you get up there around 18th-22nd fret you have to change hand position so palm will be facing bridge kinda and your pinky will...
  4. swede71

    Custom 24 scoop not deep enough

    I only play 22 fret guitars but using only index and middle finger from 19th fret and up works for me.Compared to a strat my DGT feels very comfortable in the 19th-22nd fret area.The best guitar though for screaming 22nd fret bends is my Flying v.
  5. swede71

    String gauge drop. Complicated? The issues with changing string gauge is tension.As the others have already said it’s basically small tweaks with trossrod,tremolosprings and intonation.A string tension guide is a good way to see how more or less tension affect the neck and the tremolo.Personally...
  6. swede71

    Help with gen III tremolo screws

    Listen Joefods,this is not funny.I can understand your concern about the finish but when it comes to the tremolo most prsowners know that each screw has a notch.They have to line up.John Mann has a video about it but it’s perfectly setup from the factory .Im just curious how one screwhead caught...
  7. swede71

    Shorter tremolo arm Only one i can find.He’s in California though.
  8. swede71

    Shorter tremolo arm

    I want a slightly longer tremolo arm :).I guess there are some custom tremoloarm maker out there that can help you.Check eBay or Reverb.
  9. swede71

    Raw vintage springs

    My DGT is from 2010 and the raw vintage springs fits perfectly.Now I use 2 medium tension springs that came with the Vega trem.I guess they are the same springs Fu-tone sells.
  10. swede71

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    Setting up a PRS tremolo is more like setting up a Floyd Rose than a Fender.It’s not a black art as Uncle Bob said,just a step by step skill you will learn with time.I had my first stratcopy in 84 and it took me over a year to understand why the tremolo didn’t work.I had wiggled the trembar...
  11. swede71

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    Start with the tremolo,make sure you follow John Mann’s video.Next widen the nutslots and put some lubricant in the slots,pencil lead for example.Springs on and you will see the tremolo tilt back to the body.Press the bar and put something between tremolo and body,for example post-it notes,til...
  12. swede71

    Finish defect on Silver Sky ?

    Yes it’s very common with expensive second hand guitars.
  13. swede71

    My tuning stability issue with PRS Custom 22 SE

    What a mess Lilylazer!My only advice to you is to start all over and use PRS setup recommendation as a starting point plus John Mann’s tremoIo setup.I understand you want a super low action but contrary to modern day guitar expertise I can guarantee you that bending strings are much easier with...
  14. swede71

    Different - or no WOW factor?

    I have an American standard strat myself that I have worked with alot.It never had the “wow” factor but after a custom shop 2-point tremolo and van zandt pickups with 9s it now sounds and feel amazing.Stringheight is 2 mm at 12th fret for all strings.Pickupheight is 4/32 for low E and 3/32 for...
  15. swede71

    Different - or no WOW factor?

    What is the “wow” factor you’re missing in this guitar?
  16. swede71

    Do PRS guitars require high action?

    I would do as I always do,set action at 5/64 for all strings with 9s and relief at 0.010.
  17. swede71

    PRS SE Standard 24 tremolo springs

    I use 2 medium tension springs on my DGT with 9s.Stays in tune and plays like butter.
  18. swede71

    Do PRS guitars require high action?

    Check the John Mann video on how to adjust the 6 tremolo screws.He use a 2.5 mm hexwrench as a feeler gauge.I have noticed on many SE models that the bridge sits very high.If 2.5 mm wrench doesn’t work try a 2.4 or 2.3 mm.To answer your question,yes every guitar needs high action to sound good. :)
  19. swede71

    Why won't PRS offer Stainless frets?

    Well,if it has stainless steel frets it must be good.
  20. swede71

    Why won't PRS offer Stainless frets?

    Don’t forget a good guitar also need a roasted maple neck today.