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    The PRS Bass thread

    Me too!
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    New NF3 Pics!!!

    Thanks guys. Hey ya know what? While we are at it, if anyone has a frosty, or a white and brown theme goin' on, post a pic. I'd love to see em!
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    New NF3 Pics!!!

    Got the new rosewood PG, TRC and Cavity Plate for the White Wash a bit ago and figured i'd post some pics of the Pair. These are two Experience NF3's with consecutive Serial nums. (don't ask how that happened) I bought them 3 months apart from different sides of the US. I am super proud of...
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    Let's Post Some Pics of Our First PRSi!

    First PRS, SE Soapbar II wish I still had it....... Second, SE Soapbar II Maple top refinished cuz i was bored i guess? Also wish i still had it.....
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    i cant figure out what is going on with my nf3.

    Thanks for a little help, yeah, just gonna have to take it in this week. From the little research and digging I did it seems that the v pot might be the issue. Think I'm just gonna upgrade both pots and the input jack too
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    i cant figure out what is going on with my nf3.

    It seems that the volume has been lost on it. I've taken the pickgaurd off and "wiggled" stuff around, and that worked the first time. Now it's back at it. The tone and switching works, but the volume knob goes from zero to what sounds like 4, but the knob goes all the way. Could that be a...