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  1. Gary M

    Show us your blue guitars!

    My beloved Custom 22 :)
  2. Gary M

    Your Practice/Playing Space

    I have a little Orange amp in the photo and I'm standing in front of a small Peavey stack. The rest of the amps are in the basement. Cheers! Gary
  3. Gary M

    Accessory Idea (Truss Rod Cover)

    I can see that from your avatar. Gorgeous axe, man :)
  4. Gary M

    Accessory Idea (Truss Rod Cover)

    Wow: He does nice work! Thanks for the link. Here's the Custom22 that started my thought process. I think matching back plates in that gorgeous quilt would be spiffy. (I still want that truss rod cover I babbled about though) ;) Cheers! Gary
  5. Gary M

    Accessory Idea (Truss Rod Cover)

    Hmmmmm.... I hadn't considered that. I was actually eyeballing some quilt maple backplates on eBay (quilt 10 top on my '22) and had an idea that I'd have them dyed & finished to match the top (like, as you mention, some PS models). It'd cause all kinds of problems, though, if the wood plates...
  6. Gary M

    S2 10 Top!

    Nice score, man: A keeper for sure :) G
  7. Gary M

    Accessory Idea (Truss Rod Cover)

    So there I was, admiring my Custom 22 and remarking that, while nearly perfect in every possible way, there was something missing: A screech owl. Then it occurred to me that a rosewood truss rod cover with an inlaid screech owl (on a branch, of course) would sell like hotcakes if it were to...
  8. Gary M

    Incoming from The Guitar Shop :)

    Look Brent: ANOTHER happy customer! Congrats "LerxstFan" - it's cool to read about true love, even it's about a chunk of wood :) Cheers! Gary
  9. Gary M

    PRS Case Thread

    Some PRS "Artist" leather action... The outside: The inside: My baby :) And of course, the post wouldn't be complete without the requisite stock "multifit" case Cheers! Gary
  10. Gary M

    All over the place, or in a case...

    I have a bunch of "Hercules" wall mount hangers in a "sawtooth" pattern on my wall - I keep the the axes hanging on the wall when in the house. When I take them with me I have stands that I bring along.... My guitars spend very little time in their cases - only when travelling. Cheers! Gary
  11. Gary M

    Incoming from The Guitar Shop :)

    Bloody beautiful, Bro' TGS is my new crack (er, not that I ever had an old crack (grin)) ... I see lots of guitars, and financial trouble, in my future. Cheers! Gary
  12. Gary M

    "Perfect fit" cases?

    Thanks for the tip - Definitely going to check it out. Cheers! Gary
  13. Gary M

    "Perfect fit" cases?

    Hello everyone, I just joined the club today with the purchase of a Custom 24 from The Guitar Shop in Toronto. It comes with one of the multi-fit PRS cases, which will do the job and keep it safe but I find it to be somewhat less than awe-inspiring. Has anyone found good aftermarket cases...