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  1. banditcosmo

    Buddy Guy Farewell Tour

    I saw Buddy like 15 years ago, I was a little disappointed at the time as he played for 45 min's or so then disappeared for around 30 min's (his band kept playing without him) then he came back and played for around 20 min's more.
  2. banditcosmo

    Post your RARE PRS stuff!

    I don't know if I would call this rare but I would say it's unique. PRS Hollowbody 1 that belonged to Howard Leese (Heart/Bad Company) and was originally cherry sunburst. The guy I bought it from got it in a trade with Howard and he sent it to PTC. He had the neck carved to a wide thin neck from...
  3. banditcosmo

    Did PRS ever use blade switches on early models (86)

    Thanks, yeah I asked him for a pic of the control cavity.
  4. banditcosmo

    Did PRS ever use blade switches on early models (86)

    I'm looking at this 86 PRS but it has a blade switch. The seller said he thinks it's original and was custom ordered as he said the finish goes down into the blade switch cavity. It has a 3 way blade and 1 vol and 2 tones. Otherwise it seems to check out. Did PRS do one off customs back in 86...
  5. banditcosmo

    Who do you want to see demoing the SE DGT?

    I much prefer to watch a regular "joe" review a guitar but I'd also rather watch the YT reviewers over a store trying to sell you the guitar.
  6. banditcosmo


    I don't see anything wrong with it but I'd only deal off Reverb locally in person.
  7. banditcosmo

    NuGD....stable was missing something

    Very sweet ! Love the color! Question about Paul's guitars, how come on some of Paul's guitar's like mine have the inlays that cover more than one fret but some like this green one the inlays fit between the frets?
  8. banditcosmo

    HUH a new SE DGT just announced on Youtube

    What is that guitar hanging on the left in Jack's office? They never show the whole thing, has a big route on the right side. Could that be a tele prototype? Bridge doesn't look like a tele bridge though. mystery guitar
  9. banditcosmo

    how my Private Stock sounds pt. 2

    Nice playing ! Can't really see the guitar much but wow what a fingerboard.
  10. banditcosmo

    Did prs ever make a semi or hollowbody with a wide thin neck?

    Oh damn, sorry for the misinformation, well that sucks not sure why they would stop doing that.
  11. banditcosmo

    Did prs ever make a semi or hollowbody with a wide thin neck?

    You can get PTC to carve the neck thinner. My HBI was sent to PTC (before I bought it) and they took the neck from wide fat to wide thin. I just love how comfortable the neck is. This guitar had quite a few changes. It used to belong to Howard Leese (Heart/Bad Company) and it was sunburst at...
  12. banditcosmo

    Shorty Trem arms?

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I may get one of those shorty arms too, much cheaper. Hey but Jake is an incredible guitarist, love Umphrey's McGee.
  13. banditcosmo

    Shorty Trem arms?

    Yeah that is kind of lame but there's a Youtube video with Jake Cinninger showing how it works.
  14. banditcosmo

    Shorty Trem arms?

    I'd like to check out a Jake Blade though they are kind of ugly and a bit expensive, they seems to work well. They are very "short" lol. Umphrey's McGee uses them. I think I saw someone on this forum had one on their PRS. The Jake Blade
  15. banditcosmo

    Vela - semi vs solid body?

    One of the reasons I like semi-hollow and hollowbodys is for the light weight but that's definitly not an issue with the solid-body Vela's. I need to get one someday.
  16. banditcosmo

    NGD - 2014 Paul's Guitar Yellow Tiger

    No, it's John
  17. banditcosmo

    NGD - 2014 Paul's Guitar Yellow Tiger

    That's a great way to think about the "John" on the back of the headstock. Joe Bonamassa always likes to talk about the history/stories of the guitars he buys, which I like.
  18. banditcosmo

    NGD - 2014 Paul's Guitar Yellow Tiger

    It looks like the 2014's only had two screws Artist tops were standard too on the 2014's. Link to way back machine: 2014 Paul's Guitar headstock:
  19. banditcosmo

    NGD - 2014 Paul's Guitar Yellow Tiger

    Nevermind, truss rod cover, duh. Didn't really pay attention to that and I even had to adjust a little bit.