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    Music sleeve in progress HEALED

    That is some seriously fine artwork! Well done!
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    Soon to be NGD!

    Man o' Man! That is something special! Much congrats!
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    Private Stock build delivered on PS Friday

    Holy Moly! Much congrats! That is an absolute piece of art!
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    Any love for torrified necks -- and why aren't there more of them?

    I have a pretty rare Custom 24 Floyd with one and it is easily my favourite!
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    PRS trem, Floyd Rose, Tremonti, etc.

    I have 3 Custom 24 Floyd models (and another one on order!). I love these guitars like no other I have played. They are amazing sounding and playing machines and for me, the most comfortable guitars to use live, recording and everywhere I go. The three I have all are a bit different and...
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    I'm so stupid that I...

    I once forgot my goalie pads on the way to a playoff hockey game. The explanation for that one was a bit uncomfortable.
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    Do I go Modeler or Not

    I've been using the Axe III since they came out with that model. Really amazing by everything that it does and most of all how it sounds. I have an FM3 now (sold my FM9) as I wanted something smaller to use for gigging. It's a great unit. I run mine into a couple of Friedman ASC-10s. Most...
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    Family Night

    What a lovely family!
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    Hard Case Options for CE24

    I picked up one of the SKB PRS flight cases as I have to fly overseas for several gigs this summer and it is amazing in both build and protection. Has TSA locks for security.
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    If You Thought I Had A Screw Loose...

    Philips and Robertson called to tell you to stop screwing around.
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    Favorite Top Figuring

    Love both quilt and flame tops. If given the choice, I would take a really nice quilt top.
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    Custom 24 Floyd- opinions?

    What I usually will do is tilt the trem down and then loosen it with the wrench. Once the bolt is loose, you can loosen it further via fingers. When putting a new string, snug it up finger tight, tilt the bar and then tighten. Works without issue.
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    Custom 24 Floyd- opinions?

    I have 3 of them and they are all absolutely amazing guitars and these are my only 3 guitars that I own. I'll have to post some pictures at some point. I have a faded whale blue, metallic emerald green swamp ash and an Eriza Verde. Once you set the intonation, you only need one wrench that...
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    How do you fight the urge to quit playing?

    Joining a band or jamming with some friends is a great way to motivate yourself and find more enjoyment. Also, pick up a Truefire membership and learn something new. Never stop being a student of the instrument. New ideas keep the motivation up and creativity flowing.
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    PRS vs non PRS

    I've learned from my past buying mistakes. I only have PRS guitars now.
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    The One That Got Away!

    I missed out on a PRS Floyd Custom 24 in really nice quilt top violet blue burst but I did end up getting one in the Eriza Verde flame top and it is awesome!
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    New very old house. New music room.

    Cozy! Well done!
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    The Collection Part 1: The Private Stocks

    Incredible collection! Well done!
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    My Dream PRS is on sale, Just one problem...

    I'd grab it because chances are someone else is contemplating the same thing and before you know it, it will be gone!
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    First ever spalted maple top PRS

    Love Spalted tops! that is just beautiful! Well done and congrats!