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  1. donderom

    58/15 LT "V" pickup question and general 85/15 question

    That's how mine looks for reference. No perceived difference from non-V ones (except TCI perhaps), resistance is the same.
  2. donderom

    McCarty 594 v McCarty 594 SH

    With a little drift from vintage chase and not fully hollow I believe that 594 SH is a masterpiece, one that was overlooked by PRS.
  3. donderom

    Photos, let's see 'em

  4. donderom

    NGD: DGT, struggling with brightness

    Interesting, similar experience with DGT and Mesa TC-50. Couldn't recognize it's the same guitar. Sounded so cool and dark with Sonzera and unbelievably shrill with TC-50. The Mesa had EL34 as the aforementioned Marshall (sounded better with 6L6s) which might be a coincidence. And 594...
  5. donderom

    NGD…Peacock Blue SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Gabojo Mr2000, blue leather, peacock complete :)
  6. donderom

    Show us your PRS!

    That would be my guitar-soul-mate, impeccability of taste goes without saying here :cool:
  7. donderom

    NGD…Peacock Blue SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Congrats! I like mine especially the laminate feel for a change. Pickup change and satinized neck resulted in absolutely new experience.
  8. donderom

    Experience 2021

    I take PRS as my financial advisor, if they don’t release any limited semi-hollow I save $5k or something this year.
  9. donderom

    Custom Truss Rod Covers

    Uh this last one! I wish to see more colorful bindings. (BTW AFAIK Silke is a female given name so...)
  10. donderom

    just purchased a DGT, question about string gauge and tuner knob

    People will claim that DGT "just works better" with 11s. There is nothing in the guitar to explain it other than frets. As they are bigger than let say on Custom 24 or 594 if you're a rocker and used to play hard you might have issues with intonation at the beginning (and as we usually make our...
  11. donderom

    Custom Truss Rod Covers

    All my inlays are from Rockdog's Custom Guitars n' Stuff. The quality is impeccable and I think they match PRS guitars better than many others quality wise.
  12. donderom

    Strap Recommendations for Eriza Verde

    The best strap for Eriza Verde Smokeburst is Richter Mamba Black:
  13. donderom

    The Great Black Guitar Thread

    Is it a new PRS Offset model?
  14. donderom

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    I was changing the pickup rings and noticed the neck pickup marked as 58/15 LT "V". I wonder what this "V" might mean.
  15. donderom

    Eriza Verde

  16. donderom

    Eriza Verde

    Eriza Verde is cool but Eriza Verde Smokeburst is just on another level.
  17. donderom

    Best pedals for your PRS

    594 Soapy -> Mythical Overdrive -> Unit67 to be precise ;)
  18. donderom

    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    I meant your experience :) The more experience you got the more I have to learn which is a good thing in my book. As for the influence you helped me to get on the 594 bandwagon ) People don't associate PRS HBs with jazz even if it can be played on them. I don't see the modern market occupied by...
  19. donderom

    Models or variants you wish PRS had available

    Going to take over from you Les as much as I can. Post by post, sir, post by post...